Can't get IL2 to recognize my throttle or rudder pedals

Hi… new issue for me! Playing IL2 Battle of Stalingrad in VR and after a reinstall of steam, the only device the game recognizes is my joystick.
Anybody else run into this? Does any have a solution?

  1. go to IL-2/data/input, and backup somewhwre “devices.txt”, an then erase this file here. That will make IL-2 forget your old devices.
    Restart game, and check if your devices are recognised.

  2. if 1 does not work, go to steam, and find someting like “disable generic joystick”, not sure any more how it is called exactly. That steam option usually block all of your devices in front of IL-2.

Thanks a lot- I appreciate your help very much. Unfortunately, neither option seemed to work.
I also noticed that even when I’m using PimaxXR, the Pimax Client boots IL2 using Steam VR.
I’m at a loss as to what to do re: controllers now.
There’s something weird in Steam for IL2 battle of Stalin on my machine at least!

For non-steam version I switch-on OpenXR, and start game from Steam window. I have to, as I bought 1 part on Steam, and the rest from developer.

For that you need OpenComposite, PimaxXR, OpenXR Toolkit, and XRNecksafer.

But I was reading again your first post; after reinstall of Steam your IL-2 does not recognize other devices except joystick? OK, did you try to make a new bind with another devices? Or do you just expect your old bindings just work with your old devices?
IL-2 can not recognize more then 4 devices, and sometimes Windows change ID´s of your devices, and IL-2 sees them as added new devices; that is why we need sometimes erase “devices.txt”.
But after that you need to bind all again, and it is a PITA :slight_smile:

I got the controllers working- it was actually a case of user error! My fault, not the game’s.


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