Cant connect my index controllers - "No enough dongles detected"

hello, I cant connect my pimax xr with my index controllers. Its exactly the same case as this user:

Now I dont need my steam dongles anymore and I dont use them too. Is it possible to reflash my hmd-built-in-dongles?

I also have this two unknown devices:

I would recommend filing a ticket with support.

The odd drivers listed might have something to do with possibly a bad flash of firmware or windows update.

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Naah he’s just Canadian, they are awesome :grin::+1:


Run: X:\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\lighthouse\bin\win64\lighthouse_console.exe.


All pairing should now be removed so you can re-pair all controllers


already opened a ticket and waiting for answer

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You should probably reboot or at least restart the PiServiceLauncher service too.

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@yxcxcv check this out:


thanks, but nothing helped me out.

since I get no answer from pimax support, any other suggestions?

@PimaxQuorra @Asales

Do you have a usb dongle attached on the computer? if so why?

Buy an index hmd? $499

Could you document what exactly did you do to get into this state? It is not very clear.

The original reddit thread suggests that the user was trying to flash Valve dongles and instead flashed (or corrupted) Pimax RF chips. Did you do the same?

These are the RF chips from Valve’s system, but from the screenshot it is difficult to say, how they are connected to your computer. They are however in boot loader mode, i.e. inoperable.

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Hello yxcxcv,

Could you please share us your ticket number?
We need ask the technician to diagnose your problems, we will make sure they take immediate action on your ticket.


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no, not anymore. I had it because I had tracking problems with the index controllers.

yes, I did the same.

these devices only appear in the hardware list when i connect the pimax

thank you. #22551 I just see that an answer came on 02/21 - there was no email notification. I will do the step - re-install the hmd-firmware, but I believe that it does not affect the “dongles”.

the error still occures, despite new firmware

I already have an index.

Then they are connected to Pimax headset, i.e. they are inside the headset. I cannot tell what exactly happened, but I can tell that you managed to switch the RF receiver chips inside Pimax into a boot mode, but did not switch them back into normal mode.

While technically lighthouse_console should work with any lighthouse component, it is quite possible (and probable) that no one at Valve has validated it with Pimax headsets or for operation on Valve dongles, while Pimax headset with the same dongles is connected.

Your only hope is if Pimax can flash and/or switch the RF chips inside the headset back into an operational mode.


Yes, think the same. The Reddit user got help from Pimax, may god be with me