Cannot buy comfort kit AND backer plan F at the same time (#21144)

Hi Pimax team,

I got my 2 $100 coupons and was going to use them…

However, I found that I cannot add VR Comfort Kit and Backer Plan F (controller switch) into cart at the same time - they seem to be sold on separate domains, and therefore go into separate carts :man_facepalming:. Can you help me? I want to get Plan F and comfort kit, and I have my 2 coupons which I want to use fully (and not like use half lose half). I also want to order eye tracking but I don’t see it anywhere.

@matthew.xu would you be able to help with this?

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As i know, you couldn’t use coupons with upgrade plan F, only to buy Pimax producted items. Plan F includes Vive Index controllers.

That should depend on the coupon. At least 1 of mine is money back outside kickstarter so I should be allowed to use it on anything. Anyway, that not the problem I’m having.

Hi @f3flight, sorry for the late reply.

Coupons cannot be used on Plan F because this is upgrade to the Valve controller.

Eye-tracking will be available for purchase at the beginning of shipment and will be in stock.

Thank you very much.

@Matthew.Xu: then refund one of my coupons please. It was a paypal transfer (NOT Kickstarter) in order to get extra hand tracking for $100, which is now sold for $169 so apparently I will not get what I paid for.
Please refund this money instead of giving me a coupon. This should have been an “unlocked” coupon by all means but you only make things harder, please refund to my paypal account - the second coupon you gave me, which ends with *1866.

I will then be actually able to use this money to pay for Plan F.

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I have already told Sally about your request, she will confirm with you at ticket #21144, and will apply for refund or other services for you. Thank you very much.

Thanks. 2 days later - still no response to my refund request.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

To speed up customer service, respond quickly to ticket and after-sales services, etc.

This week, two new staff came to the service team, and we are training them on how to deal with pre-sales and after-sales tickets quickly, so it may lead to no response situations.

If you have a ticket that needs to be dealt with in a timely manner, please let me know and I will send it to them immediately.

The long no response situation is bound to improve next week.

Thank you very much.


@Matthew.Xu Thanks Matthew. Can you ask Sally to check my ticket again?

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No problem, I’ll tell her right away.

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@Matthew.Xu and one more time please, even better if you check my ticket yourself because I’m not getting the right treatment there. Pimax doesnt want to return my $100 which was transferred outside of Kickstarter after the campaign was over already. Dont steal from me! I dont need a coupon for that amount as the amount was designated to get an item and that wont happen after you changed prices. Dont steal from me! Please refund!

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Hi @f3flight,

Sorry for my late reply.

I understand your requirements, but the company’s current policy may be somewhat different from your needs.

Sally will help you special apply for a refund of $100. we cannot guarantee that it will be approved.
Or, do you accept my suggestion? I suggest you keep it and sell it after receiving the hand motion.

Thank you very much. And Merry Christmas to you.

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Hi Matthew. Looking forward for a “special apply”. Have not heard anything positive in the ticket for a week now.

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@Matthew.Xu ^^ 20char

Hi @f3flight, Sally is speeding up the application process and will reply to you once it is approved.
I think you can get her reply this week. Thank you.

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