Cannot Adjust Brightness or Color Mode in PiPlay Settings


So far so good on the setup, running into an issue with color and brightness settings in piplay. They are completely grayed out and I cannot adjust them. Here’s some info about my computer…

AMD Radeon video card with latest drivers and PiPlay is updated to latest available version. Any ideas?


These options are currently disable & will return in a future update. I presume your using latest version 1.2.75

Search brightness you can still enter debug codes to change brightness.


I’ve recently contacted pimax support about the same thing. If you just bought one recently like I did, check your serial number on the bottom of the hmd. If it starts with “102xxx etc” like mine, it’s a newer batch and they have disabled the ability to adjust the brightness, as they can optimize it better in code (from previous users’ feedback) Support mentioned it was already a good brightness set by users’ feedback, but I asked him to consider that it will not be acceptable for many users (like myself), and they should allow users to set the brightness from the lowest to the very highest.

With these 102 headsets, setting the brightness manually with the debug tool will not work unfortunately. :frowning:
(Assuming you have latest firmware and 1.2.75 piplay)

Support said they have put it in the request queue and will be considered for implementation in a future release. I have to commend the support team at pimax because they are brilliant by far compared to support I’ve had from other vendors in general.


So is there anyway to enable these features using this version of the headset? Got to say the brightness is absolutely not optimized at the current level.

Well, I’ve changed the brightness level to the maximum in the debug tool and it doesn’t seem very different. Is there a previous version of the pimax software that lets me control these features? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

By the looks of what @Lucied said if your serial begins 102 maybe not.

However users have said if you switch to video mode & make adjustments to display in video control panel (amd in this case). That when you switch back to pimax mode the changes may stick. Ie digital vibrance & such

Ah well, that stinks! I may have to resort to pulling out the blue filter then because it seems to be incredibly dim. Thanks for your help!

Have you tried video mode? In video mode you can use your amd display properties.

Other users have said that after making changes; switch backbto pimax mode. Thr changes should be noticeable.

It’s not a blue light filter. It’s an active shutter, implemented to minimize LCD blur.

Removing it will get you much better colours and brighter image and a much more vivid image. Unfortunately you will also experience more blur and it’s a bit harder on the eyes, my eyes got tired sooner.

my apologies and thank you for the info! I may give it a shot if it’s not too difficult

It’s not difficult but you have to be very careful and gentle, since it’s easy to damage the LCD cable, some people have ruined their unit that way.

That & you want a dust free enviroment. I would even recommend a hair net/bath cap to help reduce foreign matter inside the headset

A spraycan that has compressed air is also VERY useful !

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oh wow… okay – Guess this is kind of a procedure haha… what about just disconnecting the cables to the shutters and leaving the filters in place? Is it possible to reconnect them later on?

Thank you both very much for the advice, I am actually very impressed by this headset so far… aside from the blurry lens issue and the language barrier to overcome, which honestly has its own charms – the service seems really good and updates look like they’re coming constantly. Really happy I snapped one up, going to tinker with this all weekend I think :wink:

Thanks again!!

That would give you worst of both worlds: the faded colours that the shutter glass brings and the blur that you’d get without the shutters :wink:

No power to the shutter glass i beleive will keep them dark (but i could be wrong as i haven’t performed tge procedure) based on pics in the shudder glass didcusion.