Cancel the pledge?!

Hello there, i wanna cancel my pledge. How can we do that dear PIMAX?

It dont has to do with the product, iam just giving up my hobby. I got no time anymore for the next years because i go abroad.

Thanks in advance.

BTW: I had already messaged you (Pimax) through kickstarter but no reply :frowning:

Nope, can’t cancel kickstarter pledges after Kickstarter ends. Read the terms.


You could sell it to another person? but its all based on trust I would imagine.


Agreed, if you can work out a deal with somebody you trust and who trusts you, you could probably sell it your pledge.

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I see some people want to buy the pledge in 8k vr group, I already post this topic to his comment.
May be another way to replacement.


Thanks to all of you! If Pimax has hold there promise with January/February i wouldn´t be in that situation… Hopefully there will be a solution

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But I am willing to purchase if anyone wants a refund. Has the pledge manager already come up yet?

If you are looking for someone to buy out your pledge let me know what your pledge was and we can make a deal if you want.

Thanks Scy0846! Thanks again for your offer. But a member of the forum already has made me an offer, i think i will agree to it. But if not i will let you now :wink:

Ye I’ve seen multiple people both wanting to buy/sell.
Hopefully everyone gets sorted out.

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I’m also very interested in taking over a kickstarter pledge for an 8k. I’m in Australia, but doesn’t matter as I have a shipping address in California I can use as well. I’m an adult - no BS and happy to transfer funds, once contact and trust is established.

Best regards - Eivind

You couldn’t seriously have expected shipping in January 2018?

Most kickstarters end up with at least a year or so over first optimistic estimate for something this complicated.
If they deliver in June\July I still would consider them almost 6 months ahead of the curve.


You can, if that’s what they said.

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Personally, I thought it was a long shot and that if Pimax actually kept to the original schedule, it was likely that the headset would have numerous issues. Kickstarter projects are always “iffy”, so that needs to be taken into consideration. I’ve been lucky (so far) with the carefully chosen few that I’ve backed. I’d much rather have a good headset, than one that was shipped too soon and had problems.


yeah… beeing a noob is that simple :frowning:

There was no release date promise in the kickstarter.

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I pledged for the full set 8K and a hand motion controller. I planned to sell it on eBay after I got it since I’m starting tertiary education soon (sadly). I’m in Australia. Willing to sell to anybody if interested.

Hi @LordEww , I’m in Australia (QLD) and missed the KS by a week. I’d love to purchase your pledge from you if you’re out. I don’t believe I can PM yet (first post). Let me know if you’re keen. Tim

Im out sadly…things don’t always go as planned in life! Since you’re in Australia as well shipping shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Do you have any app for PM?

Bumped your user level up 1. You should be able to pm.

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