Cancel of P123191 order

I have sent numerous emails re the cancellation of the P123191 order.

Can pls somebody reply on that and what is the estimated reimbursed date?

@anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu @Sean.Huang @mozi

after the above thread i got the below message

but again when I am going to the link for the order shipment, there is nothing concrete re the tracking number.

Also since I have sent you the cancellation notice two weeks ago why you are shipping the product. Do we have to proceed with cancellation in order to see some movement from Pimax?

that is not professional at all!

Hi Pvez,

This Bob form PIMAX service team, I am sorry for the late reply.
Even that we are focus on the delivery for all the preorders who have ordered before march to leave from Shanghai in time before 27th at this month.
I checked that your order had not release the tracking number yet but i saw that you place the order is very early in January, I think that you will get the tracking number few days later.
It is deep night in China, and i can’t check the logistics for you right now, but i will check it for you tomorrow.
I am so sorry again, I hope to be able to solve your problem for you before you receive the Pimax 5K Plus if that is still possible.

I saw that you also place the Pimax Controllers, That was so kind of your support for PIMAX, thanks very much.
I really hope to improve your purchasing experience form PIMAX Service Team.

Could you show me the email address just only to make sure that you want to refund the order.
And you will get the money back in about 3-5 days.

Thanks a lot.
PIMAX Service Team

bob.weng It’s great to see things are moving, but his concerns are about refunds.

I’am sorry, i forget that. i am going to edit the answer for him. Thanks.

Hello @bob.weng

the initial email came through the support page on your web site in the beginning of March but I do not have a copy of that and I cannot find the sent emails though my account.

I have sent another email on the 8th of March that you can see below

hello @bob.weng

I just got that email which contradicts with what you are stating above re the reimburse

Also there is no tracking or update on the shipment link. I don want to get the headset especially after all the unprofessional way that Pimax is treating the customers

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Hello @bob.weng

my email is but I have not received any update re the refund

Can you pls provide me a feedback


hello @anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu @Sean.Huang @mozi @bob.weng

Since there is no reply from your side I would like to inform you that I have initiated a dispute case through my credit card institute



Hi sorry for late response. I am here now and hope you can give us a chance. for the order status I will check and feedback you tomorrow.

Hi, just checked, your order had been arranged the delivery yesterday, you should can get the tracking number these two days.

Hello @mozi

as I have mentioned in my previous communication I have requested to cancel the order since 8th of March. Since that time I am getting promises re the shipment and only because I have pushed for the cancellation. Before that there was a lot of quietness re delivery.

I will not accept the delivery so don’t bother to proceed with shipment.
I would really appreciate to proceed with reimburse of the amount as your colleagues have promised.

please inform me when that will take place

OK, I will ask our logistic partner to cancel this package. sorry !

thx @mozi
pls inform me regarding the reimburse as well

hello @anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu @Sean.Huang @mozi @bob.weng

can you pls provide me a concrete info re the reimburse. it is more than 20 days that I have requested the cancellation!

Same thing here.
You ask for a cancellation and they ignore you and just ship it.

Received it today and trying to get their shipping address to send it back.