Can we use lighthouse tracking on Pimax 4K via a Steam tracking puck?

Hey guys. Since it looks like the Lighthouse SteamVR tracking system is going to be getting more and more support with all kinds of cool stuff, it would be great to use Lighthouse tracking on the Pimax 4K headset.

Could a SteamVR tracker VIVE Tracker (3.0) | VIVE United States be attached to Pimax 4K and then use standard SteamVR tracking just as if it were a Vive?


There is a very interesting way I am trying.
If you are interested in osvr and are familiar with using it, there is a way to try it.

Please let me know as soon as you test. Having to add another layer of software worries me, it seems silly that with Valve licensing Lighthouse tracking for free and now selling the tracking puck this wouldn’t be natively supported in SteamVR!

Hi, :grinning:
I have applied vive controller and lighthouse to OSVR HDK1.4 using vive tracker.
I will continue testing to see if it is applicable to other HMDs.