Can we get the pu leather comfort kit black 15mm

Dear @PimaxQuorra and @PimaxUSA

Can we get the pu leather comfort kit black 15mm on the EU pimax store?

And could we also get a leather backstrap what is thicker?

Thanks in advance.



Unfortunately the Black PU leather comfort kit is out of stock.
Currently don’t have any estimate timeframe on the restock.

For the Crystal? other Vision series?

It’s for the comfort kit. I have now a 8kx but I also want to use it for the 12k but you can’t buy it in the EU store only in China store could the EU also sell it?
Backstrap is for 12k.

I don’t think so, sorry man!

I could forward this request to the hardware team, they will evaluate the demand and design.

If we could have it in the future then that would be nice.

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Indeed, these will provide our users with an alternative option when it comes to comfort padding and straps.

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