Can we connect 4 projectors to 1 pc?

Hi guys, do you know if it is possible to have 4 projectors connected to 1 pc to project the same pc in-game screen on 4 projectors’s scren to place 1 on each of the 4 sides of a rectangular shaped play area?

What is the hardware needed for achieving the above ?

I would like to surround my play area with panels to be able to move in any non vr pc and console games while being able to always face a screen no matter where I turn around



This sounds like an excellent question for folks like @Neoskynet & @Cdaked


@MarcoBalletta you need something like these pieces of software below.

Here is a program called omnidome and the guide/manual.

If you want to connect several projectors for a DIY cave or Simulator setup, I hope you have a very fast setup, IE 2080 or higher. If you use 720p projectors, one 2080 or 1080 TI would be fine. Hope this helps you out man.

Build Your Own Portable PC-Based Cave With CaveUT (here is another guide with stuff that may help you out.)

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Hi @VRGIMP27 . I am going to read and get back to you. Thank you so much! I have a msi 2080ti trio on a i9-9900k with 32gb of ram at 4100 mhz

The video and pages u shared look pretty advanced.

Another option I was thinking was to just set 4 projectors. Splitting the hdmi signal in 4 , to feed 4 projectors with the same signal and then the 4 projectors would output the same image on 4 different 150" screens positioned in a rectangular shape in my room. Would that be easy to do ?

Also, my play area is about (71" by 130") . What screen sizes would make sense for moving in this space and be able to tun toward any direction to look at 4 panels ?

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If you want software that is easy to use, its available, but expensive. The cool thing about projection setups like this, is that your room size shouldn’t matter, provided you have the cash to invest.

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Would it be expensive just having 4 projectors and 4 screen panels, with 1 hdmi input split in 4 outputs, 1 output for each projector?

  1. one hdmi splitter to split 1 hdmi output of the pc video card, to 4 hdmi outputs (1 for each projector) + 4 HDMI cables
  1. four screen projectors (of maybe 150")

  1. four projector ( with up to 170’’ Display Support)





Would I need more than this ?

Is there a need of a software ?

Would 1 video card ( msi 2080ti trio) be able to output the same signal to 4 projectors at the same time ?

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I have never run a setup like this, so I am not qualified to answer whether an HDMI splitter would work. Email Doc Ok, he could probably answer any questions you might have about software and hardware, cost, etc. for a cave setup.


Thank you ! I will give it a try reaching out the contact you pointed out !



The splitter worked with 2 projectors :slight_smile:


Have you set up a cave yet?

No. I just tried with only 2 projectors and 2 panels and both were not mounted properly. I have ordered 2 stands for the 2 panels and 2 tripods for the 2 projectors.
Before i spend more money for 2 more projectors and 2 more panels, i need to figure out if the idea is doabke with the 2 cheap projectors i bought.
The problem i think i would be facing with these cheap projectors i have , is that they need to be positioned at a certain distance from the panels and with an angle that would cause that i would block the light emitted by the projectors.
I am afraid that for a cave idea i need projectors with wide field of projection so that i can put the projectors closer to the panels that way i would not be in the way of the light projected by the projectors

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Did you try with NVIDIA surround already?

nope. No idea how to do that. Do you know any easy tutorial for that please?

Would NVIDIA surround work on projectors too?

Do I need more than 1 video card for that?

I am looking at these articles

The question that I have is if this multiple projector setup with nvidia surround would work in a rectangular or square shaped set up of 4 projectors

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Here is a guide…

Projectors should also work.

You want 4 * 1080p right?
Thats 7860 * 1080 overall, that is like 4K gaming from the pixel amount.

I heard that cheap beamers are not suitable for gaming as their latency is too high.

With surround you span the area, but its not like if you turn around and you have the back side, so no real 360° degree view of the games.

If the card has 4 outputs you can use only one. But you can also use a SLI with 2 cards.

For such a playarea I would prefer 4K projectors but thats an insane 15720 * 2140 (real 8K pixelwise)

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I have a 2080ti video card

The idea is to create a square or rectangular shaped play area with 1 projector covering each side of the play area. I really do not mind if it is not a 4k quality setup. I care that I would move through my play area and have the game play always in front of my eyes, because I have a way to actually walk in games (console gameand any pc game) instead of clicking buttons to play in these games. I can try to resemble a roomscale type of gaming in games that have no room scale

I am not sure if the nvidia sorround I would be able to get the game play spread on 4 panels set in a rectangular or suqared set up.

It for sure would work for my 6 dof sim racing rig , with 3 panels.

For the 360 degree view of the game while in game, I would use the cinematizer hedtracking or captoglove sensors, to have 360 headtracking in the game, so that when I turn, I turn in the game play

What do u think?

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If this is your goal the Nvidia Surround should work fine. It supports 4 Monitors

You can test it already with your 2 projectors.

The optimum would be 2 big curved projection screens like this

Would be the wet dream of everyone :smiley:

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I do not have space for semi circular shaped panels going 360 degree around me.

My room space would be set up this way

I am not sure if the nvidia surround would work for me with that shaped play area I have

Only for sim games I could use the semi circular projector idea, for my sim chair. But that is not what I am looking to achieve for now

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If you draw a circle into this square you have your perfect playarea.
You just need to find a lightweight solution.

Think of something like that but round.

If you have 4 of them you can simply put them together after usage

As of now try this with your 2 projectors in a rectangle shape. You can use a monitor in another corner to simulate a 3rd and if you have a second monitor or TV you can simulate 4…

I am pretty sure this will work

One thing needed though to make this work might be game support.

Sims for example folks have been using extra monitors for left & right side views. The game would need to allow a 360 view?

@Heliosurge But I am just replicating 4 times the same image (game footage) on the 4 panels.

the 360 degree is about me turning physically around in my play area while in game the 360 degree turning is achieved with the cinemizer headtracking that rotates my vie 360 in game, like moving the mouse

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