Can somebody test bonelab on the rtx 4090,i think i am cpu bounded

Even with the rtx4090 i cant set everything on ultra in bonelabs witht the pimax 8kx on normal field off view…Can somebody test this too for me…i think i am cpu bounded with my old i9900ksweat_smile

sorry i can’t test as i don’t have bonelabs, but i do have a couple of suggestions to check if you’re cpu limited.
is it possible for u to check task manager whilst in game? look at the performance tab, it’ll tell u cpu and gpu utilization.

if u can’t check task manager, msi afterburner has a data logging function whereby u can log performance data as u play, such as cpu and gpu utilization to a log file which you examine after you’ve played.

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fpsVR is also a great option, only costs like 4 euro. An absolute must buy imo.

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ah yes i agree, i forgot about that, i don’t use steamvr very much nowadays so don’t use fpsvr that often but if your game uses steamvr it’s a no brainer.

Afterburner has been responsible for a ton of issues with the 8kx especially on 40 series cards, would not recommend recommending lol

note i made that post in october 2022 before the issues came to light :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
i still use AB today with my 4090 and 8KX but yeah i’ve read about the issues with it, works ok for me tho’ :slight_smile:

Saw the date after posting, thought id just leave my shame for all to see since you can’t fully delete on here.

lol no your advice was correct, not everyone reading will notice the date, you could’ve saved someone some issues :+1:

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