Can some people test for similar bug/behaviour please?

I have an AMD Vega 64 GPU and for around 5 minutes after turning on my PC am seeing very high GPU usage when my Pimax 5K+ is sitting idle. Can anyone else please check if this is normal? It stops when I power off the HMD but sometimes it doesn’t power back on correctly. Alsdo if I leave it for around 3-5 minutes it will usually settle into more acceptable usage levels. Though even a slight nudge on the HMD sends it to high GPU usage once again for another few minutes.

No 3D apps are running.

When the HMD is idle but tracked by the lighthouse I see ~500 core and 500 on VRAM
When HMD is idle but out of sight from lighthouse I see ~940 core 800 VRAM.

HMD tracked by Lighthouse

HMD Not tracked but on

After ~ 5 minutes idle the HMD drops to about 200 core and 200 VRAM, which is about normal. Though until this happens I have a very laggy and noisy PC with GPU fans spinning up.

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FWIW, I do not have AMD GPU but 1080 Ti, but what I noticed is when power on the headset (by using its power button) even without running PiTool or SteamVR or anything related, only the processes which run on background (PiService.exe, PiServiceLauncher.exe, pi_server.exe), I observe that my desktop becomes unresponsive to the mouse for a short time.

I attribute it to the fact that Pimax processes detect the USB devices associated with the headset and run some kind of initialization/boot process over the USB link. It is hilarious that they have to block the OS user mode for that, but since it is only taking a short time it does not bother me much.

In your case I would suspect that something during this detection/boot up process gets stuck, or maybe the detection and boot up routine repeats itself in the loop for some reason.

Still to be resolved. Although you are talking about GPU and not CPU.

My GPU even in idle fluctuates between 3 - 10% GPU usage. This does impact 2d gaming performance slightly and possibly the VR performance as well. The only way to ensure PiTools is not using GPU resources is to power off the HMD. That would be fine if more often than not, when it is powered on it give bank displays until a full reboot.

To me it looks like PiTools is just very buggy for what it does. Obviously Pimac are working on this, but I have logged a support ticket with them.

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On the other thought I also remember seeing PVRHome.exe and something like UnityCrashReporter.exe running with a great effort and rather high CPU load even when PiTool was not running, and locking the OS UI intermittently. Since I have “unchecked” the “run PVRHome” option in PiTool settings, I have not seen it.

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It’s likely a combination of the 2. Amd Driver was known to have issues & Amd (vega) is working on fixing. It is considerably working better now as it was unplayable last year when I had it tested on 2 systems.

I7 8700 vega 64
Threadripper Vega 64

It was a challenge just to get the headset recognized & lagged the mouse & games were basically unplayable.

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Just to update that I now have an RTX 2080 GPU and this bug is even worse on Nvidia.

Unless I physically turn off the HMD my GPU will sit at full 3D clocks and never drop no matter how long I leave the HMD.


Happens to me on the 4k too.
PVRHome.exe uses 100% of a CPU core and 35% os the GPU while IDLE. (Black screen on headset)
You have to kill the service and PVRHome.exe to stop the resource sucking.