Can Pitool 244 Adjust the XR Units Panel Brightness?

As you all know, the XR is a great unit because of the Oleds. But a big problem with them is that they are very dim making everything sort of dark.

Anybody tried the panel brightness on the XR?

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good question , I got the rare Xr unit myself :slight_smile: I am on pi tool .180 beta , would love to see a great new version for the xr hmd. I know from a technical perspective the display can reach atleast 400 nits of peak brighness so a new pi tool should make this hmd epic

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dod you try Pitool 244 brightness option?

I didnt try any pi tool above .180

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I had the XR late last year, but I don’t remember any option to increase the actual hardware brightness of the panels inside it. I think there was a digital brightness slider. Its been a little while.

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@PimaxUSA, would it be possible to ask the engineering team if it is possible to raise the panels’ hardware brightness in the 5K XR? That the panels are too dim seems to be a common concern.

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Pimax always ignore all XR related issues. They have dropped the ball on that unit

Sorry for the triple post, but I’ve found someone on Reddit who is claiming that the newest Pitool indeed allows you to control the brightness, if I’m understanding them correctly.

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did you try it and worked?

I no longer have a 5K XR, sadly. Also, I think there was a misunderstanding between myself and that person: the brightness fix is referring to a bug in a previous version of Pitool, at least from what I understand, and not an actual fix for the 5K XR’s dim screens, which have been dim since the unit launched.

Ok, The reason I posted the 244 specifically, is because apparently it has the brightness slider. Just that I dont know if it will work with the XR.

I´ve tested it right now and yes you can adjust it to low, normal and high. So there you have it. With Pitool 244


Awesome. How does the XR colors look with brightening the panels? Washed out or vivid?

I just tested it with the Pimax logo and it looked a little washed, on high. Balanced mode used! Maybe I should test more, since there are no new advantages for the xr since ages ago ^^

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Just to make sure we are on the same page. We are talking about Panel brightness in terms on 'Nits"? Pitools already have the ability to adjust brightness and contrast

I thought it was about the removed option of Brightness adjustment, if that works on the XR, the Brightness slider hasnt been removed since. Adjusting the Brightness slider to max and setting the brightness to high. looks brighter than with just the slider.


OK. So yes the Brightness adjuster has been implemented for some time now. The fundamental issue with the XR is the Nits vibrancy. They are Samsung Panels to my understanding, but they seem to be set at lower Nits vibrancy. So even if you adjust the brightness, still feels dim. It just washes out the colors

Edit: Samsung Odyssey Nits vibrancy is much higher and look gorgeous

I will test it and will tell you about the exp. but sadly I cant measure it technically.


Do you own another none Pimax headset?

Yes the 5k plus and a Vive

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