Can Pimax stay ahead and beat the competition (Virtual Link?)

One of the the associated early HMD defects I’ve seen here is the bad cable one. If we are able to replace our cables, can Pimax essentially accessorize the HMDs by either future models come with a single cable or the Virtual Link cable can be purchased separately should you choose. First HMD on market to support that would be dope and skyrocket it’s demand imho.

What do you all think?

Surely Virtual Link?

NV Link is for SLiing 2 RTX cards

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Yes Virtual Link i mean tx i shall fix the title U_U

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Good idea man. But Pimax has a laundry list of things that need to be addressed in order to be a competitive HMD

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Agreed for sure but, it is obvious they are on the correct path and proving they can with the latest pi-Beta alone. Another bucket list item i suppose as I do not own another HMD and seems like Pimax HMDs are more configurable.

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Yep, I think they’re on the right track!

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If the Pimax WIFI module gets released, then the need for a cable and or virtual link will become redundant. is defiantly a viable option if the WIFI module option falls through though.

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Indeed but, I do have concerns with wifi i.e.

  1. Can it truly fully power the demands of the high resolution of Pimax HMDs

Should the answer be yes it can

  1. For how long?

My assumption on number 2 is 3hrs granted i would very much welcome a great usage time output without having to strap an all around belt full of battery backs on your waist. But come to think of it, if you are playing wirelessly maybe beat saber, fps etc… maybe 3hrs is all the average user would use hey


i think the average user would be within those ‘3 hours’ usage…or very close… even some of the longest movies are around 3 hours… but for the crazy-gaming-obsessed vr enthusiast that can go 6 hours straight… then the cable option would be better anyway as the throughput would make it smoother.

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I have heard VR link adapters/cable for Vive Pro I think.

With pimax headset cable being propietary & what VR link is. I don’t see why they couldn’t down the road have a vr link cable.

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