Can Pimax afford eye tracking modules?

I heard that there are about 7 thousand backers to get goal rewards.

If the price of eye tracking modules is 300 dollars each, Pimax have to send about 2M dollars worth products without extra profits.

Controllers and base stations are in same situation.
Maybe they are much expensive then eye tracking modules.

Also, Pimax started down payment campaign recently, which seems like Pimax is running low on money.

Hope Pimax has enough money more than I think.

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There is no way the eye tracking module costs $300. I can see full Tobii available for $150, but base components should much cheaper than that. I think it could be something like $30/$50.


I assumed 300 dollars because I saw aGlass vive eye trackers DK for about that much in Amazon.
You are probably right. I just saw price tags of vive pro and pro eye, and their difference is only $200.

no, people payed extra money for that stuff
the eye tracking is a stretch goal of the kickstarter
if we look what a base station costs when buying direct from valve we can see that even a oem version won’t come cheap but still people payed money up front for stuff they don’t get and thats what makes them angry (and in a lot of cases people can’t really use the hmd properly without lighthouses and controller or will have to buy used equipment for extra money until pimax can deliver)

i don’t think pimax has financial trouble, its just that they have to look whats possible (like any other company) and free eye tracking might be to early, they need to sell 5k+/8k first not just to reel in money also to show potential investors that they are on the right track (and maybe leading in some areas)

the thing will get going if eye tracking gets a must have for a vr company, xtal and star vr one have it but they are not relevant yet
it makes sense to get the direction from competition
also being more independent is of importance, so a lighthouse alternative (own units or inside out camera based tracking) might be more important in long term then delivering eye tracking, keeping eye tracking in R&D in a state that you can pull the trigger at any time if needed would be enough

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I wouldn’t use HTC/Vive products as a reference. They’re notorious for extravagant prices it seems… :slight_smile:

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Well, it is enough to prove my word was wrong anyway. I hate HTC either.

Sorry that. I thought backers paid $100 or so for controllers and LH combo.

But I can not agree with you about LH alternatives and eye tracking.
Both a new base station tech independent from valve or mr like inside-out tracking are out of Pimax’s capability. If that was possible for Pimax, it would not take to so long just by making steam vr compatible controllers. I think Pimax should stay in current track. Making high end HMDs compatible with steamVR, LHs, not their own tracking solution.
Also, eye tracking is my most interested tech for VR. It can let mainstream users to enjoy high resolution HMDs without spending hundreds of dollars. Even 1080ti users would need that when they do not want to compromise with options.

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Sometimes it’s better not to rush out of the gate. When Sega waited to release after Nintendo they had the better counsole. After they started to release before Nintendo. Nintendo would one up them.

Pimax had a basic Wand controller with Thumbsticks during Early KS Demos. No sense in releasing Controllers early without LHes. Adding steam tracking to any controller is not as hard as you might think (Vive Tracking puck & RdToVR had an article on a $3 ring size tracker).

Pimax is adding a variety of features & controllers released without LHes only Benefits those with HTC LHes.

Pimax also had a tracking system with Pimax Pro (looks like 3Glasses Burbur tracking system) limited release in Korea I think.


I know they tried wand style controllers, but compared to Sword controllers, only differences are ergonomics(yes, not a small thing) and trackpads. Then what took them so long? LH contract problems with valve? Troubles with ergonomics and finger tracking(Only available for Sword Sense now)? Or just slow development along 8k headsets? Finger tracking seems to be a problem since Pimax separated its Knuckles like controllers to Sword and Sword Sense.

Could you tell me more about that Pimax Pro tracking system? I have never heard about that. As far as I saw every Pimax Pro users with 6 DoF environment attached Nolo.

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Problems with Valve on LH v2.0 availability. Even HTC had or has limited availability.

Controller evolution is simply imho priority based. Without LHes not a big priority as those with HTC v1.0 LHes would likely have wands.

Image wise imagine works similar to psvr.

Screw eyetracking, the headset is still a horrible experience without spending $100 on another companies head strap and 3d printing an adapter (which will never be as comfortable as a native solution).

I can’t believe Pimax hasn’t prioritized a new headstrap with built in audio yet. I hope nobody ever has the misfortune of trying the stock Pimax headset because the experience is awful and would have me running to the index ASAP.

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Now that’s amusing as Vive Das came due to 3rdparty headstrap. & the 3dprinted adapters work well. 3rdparty often exceeds oem. In fact @Davobkk’s Studioform came to be to improve comfort vs OEM.

That being said a broken psvr a user created a nice 3dprinted pimax mod & another user has created a beautiful flip up 3dprinted Vive DAS mod.

Agreed they need to get theirs made & I’m sure due to community inspirations & seeing what the comp has for audio. They will make it nice. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Try a 3rdparty community solution; you’d be surprised! My poorman’s is quite comfortable & cheap. The Vive DAS with 3dprint adapters & Studioform comfort strap a step up.

The company 3rd party, so… I don’t know if it being with the Vive would affect price much.

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