Can I play Steam games with an Xbox controller? How?

I downloaded Space Pirate Trainer and Google Earth VR but after hours of messing with the Xbox controller “set up” in Steam I finally gave up. I went back a few more times and tried but it was futile. I found some games on Steam that say they work with the Xbox controller but since I cant get it to work with Google Earth VR (and I think its supposed to work with), Im afraid to buy another game. Ive been watching vids but want to try some games. Any help would be appreciated.

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You can only play the games that have controller support. But there are a lot of good ones available on Steam and Oculus. Just check they have support before you buy them.


Can you recommend some that you like?

Sure. There are tons.
On steam:
The Solus Project (amazing in VR)
Dirt Rally (with revive)
Elite Dangerous
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Air Mech
Radial G
Serious Sam TFE VR (and possibly TSE and 3, not sure).

On Oculus store (you have to use Revive):
Lucky’s Tale
Chronos (requires a complex hack with a ps eye, but great game)
Hero Bound
Eve Valkyrie Warzone
Blazerush! (such fun)

Alien Isolation
Doom 3 BFG
Doom 1, 2 (gzdoom)
Quake 2 VR

Ill post more when I think of them.

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Excellent! Much thanks!!

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I’m pretty sure Space Pirate Trainer is only playable with motion controllers, but Google Earth VR should be usable with keyboard/mice (and maybe gamepad too).
The games jonnypanic suggested are pretty enjoyable with a gamepad, except for Dirt Rally (should be played with steering wheel) and Elite (really should be played with HOTAS or twin sticks). Try Lucky’s Tale, if your controller doesn’t work, maybe you have problems with Xinput drivers or something.

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I think Dirt and ED are still great with a controller.

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Might add these:


DCS World
Skyrim VR (not tested personally but read somewhere that it supports Xbox and the Steam controller)
Elite Dangerous.
Project Cars
Project Cars 2
Train Simulator
Train Sim World
NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Simulation
Eagle Flight


Sure, but Elite with a HOTAS in VR is pure immersion… :smiley:

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Sure it must be. And hopefully not as much of a pain to set up.

I forgot about Blazerush. That game is tremendously good fun.

Managed to get my HOTAS working with Google Earth VR:

Wall of Text Incoming…

Install the SteamVR Driver for Razer Hydra:
Located in Steam/Library/Tools

Install FreePie:

Go to FreePIE install directory and copy sixsense_fake.dll & sixsense_fake_x64.dll to Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR Driver for Razer Hydra\hydra\bin

Move sixsense_fake.dll into the Win32 Folder.
Move sixsense_fake_x64.dll into the Win64 Folder.

Open the Win32 Folder and rename sixsense.dll to osixsense.dll
Now rename the sixsense_fake.dll to sixsense.dll

Go back and open the Win64 Folder and rename the sixsense_64.dll to osixsense_64.dll
Now rename sixsense_fake_64.dll to sixsense_64.dll

Get Google-Earth-VR-Pilot:

Extract anywhere and launch FreePIE
In FreePIE, File/Open or on the Keyboard press Ctrl+O.
Find the and select Open.
Just minimize FreePIE for now.

Get Universal Control Remapper Alpha:

Get ViGEm:

Launch Universal Control Remapper Alpha:

Now refer back to the Google-Earth-VR-Pilot link and take note of the controls.
Try to mimic the needed controls on the Throttle/Flightstick in Universal Control Remapper [Alpha].
When satisfied, activate Profile.

A brief Universal Control Remapper Alpha setup vid:

Return to FreePIE and go to Script/Run script or press F5 on Keyboard.

Now launch SteamVR and test that the controls are working satisfactory & if so, launch Google Earth VR.

For anyone else who may have TWCS Throttle & T.16000m?

Here is a config that may work.

Go to Universal Control Remapper Alpha location and backup context.xml.

Open w/ Notepad++/edit/save context.xml with this:

The Controls: