Can I pair 4k Pimax with valve index controllers?

Is this possible and did anyone tried it ?
What controllers do Pimax 4k supports.
I can’t find that information

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You can’t pair it with the headset. However you can pair the Index controllers with usb dongles. @crony and others whom have used Index controllers or vive wands with non steamvr tracking headsets.might have details.

You will need lighthouses and think there are some tutorials of ppl using with WMR headsets.

So I will need at least 2 valve index controllers and 2 dongles and might required to get 2 stations?
Sorry for nooby questions, but i already bought 2 oculus touch controllers and I know … they can’t get connected directly to PC :confused: I understood that too late.

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You will need 1 lighthouse for sure. Likely 2 dongles but might be able to use one. Steam Controller Dongle can be flashed as a Steamvr dongle but will need to search how to.

I found this:

But it’s for oculus rift, so I would need some expertise to confirm that it will work that way.


It looks like it should work save i believe you will need to set it knuckles to run in headless mode. As the p4k doesn’t have tracking save 3dof. Looks like she has likely covered everything needed.

@Casyi might be able to give more details if she’s monitoring the forum. @mixedrealityTV @SweViver @vrgamerdude and @Cdaked might have info on this as well.

Alternatives that may work as well.

NoloVR - Known to work.


  • Driver4vr & KinectToVR with a variety of hardware from Sony, Xbox, NintendoWii and og Leap Motion.
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Now, I am trying to find something for smartphone to VRcontroller like “VRidge controller”, but i can’t find anything compatible with non-mobile headset.
Since, the is no index controllers right now on the market I don’t have any other option for now. (i am looking for full finger control if i am going for brand new controllers)

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Have you looked at iVRy in Steam Store? Allows mobileVR and PSVR?

This should be usuable with Driver4vr and KinectToVR.

As well as you can likely use Cas & Chary guide to use Index Controllers with it. iVRy has a free version and 1 for $20 if mem serves.

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For now I will looking for valve index solution and phone to VRController solution. If anyone have ideas tested it please share information about it :slight_smile:

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Here is that iVRy driver

I don’t need mobile VR application i need Controller application for phone …i have 4k pimax why would i use such stupid app :confused:

It’s terminology. Mobile VR typically refers to using a Phone for VR. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

Then aps you want to check out is Driver4vr and KinectToVR(this one is free)

Both let you use a variety of things

  • Xbox Kinect 360 or xb1
  • PsMove
  • Wiimotes
  • Leap motion

And more to use for tracking with controllers or augment other solutions.

I want NO MOBILE VR i want MOBILE CONTROLLER :slight_smile:

this is the thing i am looking for but this project is outdated and not working.

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Really consider checking out Driver4vr and KinectToVR

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