Can I change the "dual-gyro" to "single-gyro" when using it with NOLO?

I have noticed an overcorrection in position when turning the head when I use the Pimax + Nolo, everything points to the dual-gyro. Used without Nolo adds some change in position when making the turns which is very successful, but when used with Nolo that change of position is added to the tracking of Nolo that creates an effect of having a “giant head”. It is very evident when used in flight simulators, because of the small space… It would be very desirable to be able to disable this position correction in Pimax through piplay

Check the Gear in settings not sute but i think turn off sensor disables gyros

It is not the sensor itself where the problem is, it is in the fact that the device adds angles and proportionally position information to operate more naturally by default, it is a compensation made to compensate for the lack of position tracking. What I want is that it adds only angles (degrees, radians) not position (centimeters, feet, inches)

i second this… its awful as it is today.

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Yeah the same happens when using a kinect for positional tracking. An option to disable it would be nice.

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something that solved a problem at the beginning, now becomes an obstacle to add any third-party positioning system… I hope this is solved in Pimax 8k

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Can Piplay 2.0.4 beta improve this issue?

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I’ve tried again with Nolo and beta version , this time leave the headtracker on the desktop, and yes, I could verify that the compensation is effectively off when Nolo is running. I had to use the shortest headtracker base and place the headtracker behind the light of pimax, everything seems to go now fairly well. Also the drift almost disappeared with this version.

There is still a little problem with Nolo, this would not be your responsibility but you could help improve it, even thinking about improving compatibility with Pimax 8k in the future.

My idea is to use the original compensation but this time in a custom way, since the position of the Nolo headtracker on the hmd varies according to its shape. Doing it based on the height and length of the position difference between the headtracking ball and the center of screen (something like in the image below) and these measures can be changed in boxes within Piplay. all this would allow that the headtracker could be placed where each user finds more comfortable depending where it has the basestation, even just above the head for those who have the basestation in the ceiling.

Thank you again for the support


@Virtualreality Thanks for your good suggestion.

We will discuss the feasibility of customizing the position of headtracker (headset marker) on the headset with Nolo side.


this would be most helpful… i get an issue that the headset off centers sometimes and when that happens my view is moved back an forth when i move my head side to side… very uncomfortable

this is with 2.0.4 @Pimax-Support

Once in steam home or in the game, press the centering button of the controller pointing to the base station and looking with the headset towards the front, that should eliminate the merged axes … If that does not work, try going elsewhere the room, I have noticed that something on my desk causes interference, even in the dark and the main screen is off.

funny thing is usually that is whats puts my tracking off… i do standing calibration in steamvr while having the headset in front of me pointing towards and when i lift them up afterwards i notice that my handcontrollers are drifting. and as soon as i point the controller towards the basestation and press centering the view can be turned up to 50-60 degrees. when that happens, my viewpoint when i turn my head side to side goes back and forth.

my gaming booth is sadly a bit on the small side so i cant do roomsetup walking around.
@Pimax-Support @Virtualreality

That is strange, normally the button under the light does the centering and the menu button double pressed quickly turns the view 180º, it seems that there was some kind of mixing in the functions. You would have to contact Nolo and it is possible that they will send you the .dll to repair the controller. Another thing you can try is to remove Nolo drivers if you have them installed.

the nolo drivers went away from my computer before i installed the working driver from pimax.
pressing the button on the headtracker doesnt seem to do any centering… i’ll try some more and see if it does… i’m not sure how it behaves

i have an update for you @Virtualreality i guess @Pimax-Support could be interested aswell…

under steamvr settings there is a window one can open that shows the headset and basestation on a little map.

i noticed that sometime roomsetup don’t always put the basestation in the front, usually doing the roomsetup again lines everything up nice though.

but when all my equipment was alinged at an angle, things go strange, reset put my view 90 degress off for example and the wierd gyro thing that we’ve been talking about.

now that i know how to fix it everything is good :slight_smile:


I usually do the manual magnetically tuning in the piplay with everything on (nolo + pimax), then I make the room adjustment on steamvr. everything usually works well until the end.

In simulators I usually turn off the controllers after making all the adjustments, I get more stable tracking and I have better fps.

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