Can I bring my computer into VR with me when I get my Pimax?

Do you like the “click bait” title? :innocent:

First, what I’m after is to find out if a program called VR Toolbox will work with the Pimax?

This is my main “goto” program. It has a bunch of custom video settings that I worry may have issues. It also has a custom “injector”

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with the program but I’m probably the heaviest user and marketer. I also have a utility that makes it even more useful!

By itself, you can have some rooms and environments that you exist in.
You have full access to your desktop. Better than VD or BS, imho.
You can drag many different apps into VR as their own separate screens.
You can bring any url into VR as it’s own screen.
It has it’s own injector for doing full screen pancake games that drastically improves the performance.
It’s capable of a too many things to mention.

One of the nice things about this program is its modibility. No, it’s not perfect, but most games won’t allow you to do your own modifications.
Following mods found in the Guides, you can:

-import your own objects: but you need some object modeling skills as the import will need some modifications before it will work.
-import your own skymaps: I’ve actually imported some that I built from Google Maps Streetview. Again, some skills needed as the format is picky.

Using my utility you can
-create screens in VR that contain working links to all of your Steam programs and whatever else that you want to add.
-launch almost anything that Chrome can render as it’s own screen, including movies, documents or any local content.
-create “game objects”: “physical” objects that you click to launch your games. Like SteamVR’s rubber stamps but better.
-set VRToolbox (or other programs) as your SteamVR Home.

Check out the screenshots for a better idea.

Yes, it has a few bugs, but there is nothing else like it on the market. My biggest problem is that when I go “lawnmower man” and get too many screens going, my very capable computer gets brought to its knees.

Typical usage: TV screen or Youtube videos, surveillance screens, email, reddits, Pimax forums, various news feeds, html wallpaper screenshow screen, “beercam” screen (this is a screen that uses your Vive camera feeds that you can place anywhere), puck for furniture sync (my rl furniture syncs with my vr furniture: it’s neat to be able to place a drink on my “table” -or pick one up), and pages of my games, favorite urls and local content. My utility (link in the Guides section) allows me to set VRToolbox as my VR Home so that I enter this every time I start SteamVR or exit a game.

Can you tell that I use it a lot? Can you tell that I recommend it?
Let me know if you have any questions! Also, the dev’s are very active on the “discussion” page.


I have it purchased but haven’t tried/used it yet. If I recall you need motion controllers.

There are a few free ones on steam that I have wanted to try. Will maybe dig out the Hydra & give it a go.

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You can also use m/k. You will need to know the “hotkeys” tho. Perhaps use VoiceAttack.


Cool might not get to check it out till after the move possibly before christmas. but if I do get a chance before hand will give it a shot.

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