Can HDMI 1.4b handle 2*4K@90Hz?

I have the Pimax 4k since the beginning and one of the few “mistakes” is the use of HDMI 1.4b instead of the 2.0, which limit the resolution to 2k@60Hz or 4k@30Hz (without chroma subsampling) but the experience is still awesome (now more with the native 2k)

But since you are designing a new model with more resolution, I think it is time to change the old 1.4b to the new 2.0 or Displayport 1.3, which are more capable of handle the new resolution without problems or tricks.

There is any chance to change it before the mass production?

No. Pimax is equipped with an HDMI 1.4b connection which supports 2560x1440 60hz (as of last update.) Itt sounds like Pimax wants to sell a $500 HMD, which means they are probably just slapping two 4k screens into one chassis, with the same guts.

Our curent prototype is using two HDMI ports, and we’re trying move to DP ports for native support, thanks for your suggestion.


Please make our dream come true with those DP-ports. It would make the use of your Pimax a lot more usable and user-friendly.
If you make that happen, me and some of my friends are willing to buy the 4K or 8K Pimax. (I can’t wait, so please hurry up. :wink: )


Hi Guus, well noted and thanks, your enthusiasm would push us forward and stay on track : )


Display port would also remove the need to power display via usb

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Hi, I need help, I already bought two hdmi 2.0 extension cables with the usb 3.0 cable to use in the pimax 4k. It simply connects but it does not appear. The image does not appear because the cable is too short and it does not feel like much because of pimax short native cable, can someone tell me an extender cable that can solve my problem? is it true that pimax only supports hdmi 1.4b extension cables? my hdmi 2.0 cables have 5 meters and another has 10 meters none works. Where did I go wrong? please help me !!!

Try this topic

It’s probably best not to assume that the Pimax engineers have no clue…because your suggestions here pretty much imply that…Yet DP1.4 doesn’t support that on a single cable nor does hdmi 2.0… Yep I understand the first post was in January, but none of those specs have changed.

HDMI 2.1 might be a possibility except no video cards actually support it yet…

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