Can anyone make a USB-C 'pass thru' plate?

There seem to be multiple reasons why we need to use the usb-c port on our 8k/5k headsets but the hand tracking module does not have a pass thru. Which means that if we use hand tracking, then we can’t use that port for anything else.

I was thinking that ‘we’ could ‘print’ an adapter plate that would fit between the hand tracking module and the hmd, that would supply an extra port (or 2, one out each side). It would need to be fat enough for the hardware and flat to provide a stable mounting surface for the modules, with holes for the module screws (that would need to be longer) to screw everything together.

What do you think? Anyone feeling industrious? If someone were to make something like this, what would you be willing to pay for it? $20? $30? More? What would it cost to make?



This is something I’ve been talking about with some ppl already.
It is doable, would have to disassamble an USB hub to make it fit to a printed shell, probably unsoldering everything to make it fit.
Now about what it would cost…good question, between 40 and 50$ maybe but depend on the hub price then its shape that would require more or less work…

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I don’t have an eye tracking module but I assume that this ‘module’ would be required by any Pimax user wanting to use hand tracking and eye tracking at the same time.
I also understand that the audio, using an audio to usb-c adapter, is appreciably better than using the onboard audio plug.
So 3 uses.
Anyone know any other needs for the port?


Doesnt they use different ports? Like top one for ET and lower one for HT?
Or did I read somewhere that now new headsets no longer have top usb port?

There’s no top USB port on the 8KX as the PCB was changed (no room for it as far as I remember).

That means that currently You have to use an extra USB cable from the PC if You want the handtracking module mounted and still want to use the eye tracking module too.


if we’re going this far, we should just build a custom usb-c hub with 3 ports

So what software is free + easiest to design and make an stl file with ? :slight_smile:
Im working on a little pet project to add an USB-C Hub to the bottom port of the 8KX, no pass through was planned as I don’t use HT module, but it’s doable :smiley:

Unfortunately it’s only a USB2.0 Hub, but as long as Pimax are not able to utilize the USB3.0 they say is in the 8KX, I really dont care :wink:
Just wanted a better way to connect my ET when ever that will be implemented in a fully working way in PiTool. And to connect other accessories (Fans and what not) :yum:


Tinkercad is online and free, it can be enough.
I personnaly use Fusion360 but it takes time to handle.


I use Blender, which is spectacularly unsuited to the task - micro managing polygons is not exactly something you want in a CAD workflow, but it’s a piece of software I was already familiar with, and I’ll be damned if I have to learn another one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love Tinkercad, it’s very simple and you can get useful results quickly even without CAD knowledge.
I import stl files into Tinkercad and edit them there.
So I cut a base plate out of a stl file that I found here:
Special gift for backers! Thanks for all of you guys

This could now be a basis for a USB case in Tinkercad.



Did you just make that? If so, nice start! To critique, I would say that it needs to be as thin as possible: that ‘wall’ of modules will be right in front of our noses. While it will make a good pandemic mask, I don’t think that it would be much appreciated for that benefit, lol. Can it be flattened more? Turn that male usb port sideways?

Another thought. In case no one wants to make one to sell, to make this project as cheap as possible, we just need a design for Thingverse and an Amazon link for a usb hub to cannibalize. Those two and a tube of epoxy should do us…

yes is of me, just a test.
The height has resulted from the height of the cam, clearly far too high.
Since my hand tracking on the USB-C of the HMD does not work I built this test…

I just bought a 16ft USB-C cable and plugged the eye-tracking direct into my PC and my hand tacking I left where it is.

Working a bit on this tonight, I ended up in SketchUp Make (I know it’s not the best program for the job, but I know it pretty well) I borrowed the Shell cover somebody made for displaying.

This is what happens when one turns 42 and listens to Infected Mushroom @ night in the home office :joy: :star_struck:

USB HUB will be located in one side with ports facing backwards


Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe PimaxUSA chimed in on this a while back and said changing the position of the handtracking module via a raised passthrough plate will mess with the tracking as its calibrated for its position directly below the headset.

Nevertheless I wish you luck. It was an incredible oversight on pimaxs behalf to limit us to only one usb port for accessories on a headset that is supposed to be “modular” (yes I’m well aware why it was done)


it worked for me with a deeper position, definitely better than no function
The USB-C port on the 5k+ does not work for everyone with the hand tracking module…

Hi Strydr,

Have you bought or make a USB-C’pass thru’plate?
Does it work well?


Unfortunately, I don’t have a 3D printer so I can’t. I was hoping that someone else could.

However, I started checking out hubs and I don’t think that this will be as easy as I was hoping.
I did come up with these cheap hubs if anyone cares. One of the problems is that it needs to have a usb-c input but most hubs only have the single ‘c’ male output while all of the other ports are 3.0 or 2.0. Also skipping all of the hubs with a $50+ price tag!
These are all under $15:
Vention $10.69us
Homeriy $12.44us -shipping gets it to me in March, so I don’t think that it’s actually available.
Rayrow $9.99us on sale
zdyCGTime $14.99us

Something like this would be nice but the ‘c’ input on this is only for charging.

I did find one open usb circuit board but it was only 2.0.

Note that none of these have 2 usb-c ports, so if the eye tracking module requires usb-c then that shoots down half the purpose of doing this in the first place. -I don’t have an eye tracking module so I have no idea what it needs. I suspect that it needs the same usb-c port that the hand tracking module uses.

All of the usable hubs that I found would require unsoldering the usb ports from a board and wiring them a couple of inches away. Or using 2-3cm extensions, which I’ve never seen. Unsoldering usb ports from a circuit board can be a bitcx, so I’m thinking that this is not altogether practical, so I’m not sure where we go from here. At least without component parts, which I doubt most of us can get.
I think that we’re stuck waiting for Pimax to make one and we all know what that means… :roll_eyes:

Moving hands tracking module relatively to the headset will probably change the position of the hands in VR, but there might be an option to adjust the “origin” somewhere in the software (I do not have hands tracking module myself).

I would however suggest first trying to run all the components - the hub, the hands tracking and the eye tracking together from the integrated USB port, to check that the power provided over the USB ports is sufficient. I doubt it is.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I will record your feedback to our technical staff.


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