Can anyone explain more about godray and flare?

I am little confuse.

When I read the feedback of changing lenses of vive pro by gear vr lenses, some people tell that it is better, very clear and no “godray”.

But after my friend test samsung odyssey and he tell that it has some flare and it may be worse than acer mixed reality.

I am not sure that it is “godray” or “light flare” on the lenses or may be they are same thing.
So if anyone know about this, please let me know.

Or lenses of samsung odyssey is worse than lenses of gear vr?

Thank you.

@SweViver can you give more details? thanks.

flare: Lens flare - Wikipedia

god rays:

fresnel glare:

All are usually undesirable artifacts in the image, but flare is used also as an effect.

god rays and glare usually cannot be seen with headsets that do not use fresnel lenses. Therefore the swap mod is popular with vive. Pimax 4K is not using fresnel lenses and does not suffer these issues.Lens change for WMR headsets is also possibility if these artifacts become annoying.