Can 8k+ be adjust more brightness by old pitool version?

I see that 5k+ has issue about brightness in pitool 259 and I found that the 8k+ has the same issue, better in 260 beta.

Before the 260 is released, someone recommend to use 144 to fix the back light and return to the new version.

But 8k+ is released after pitool 144 and I am not sure that the 144 version will be compatible with 8k+.

My headset is stay with other one, but I see two person said about low brightness and not sure how it dark.

Has any recommend?
I am not sure why pimax remove this feature in new version because when I got the 8k, it worse than 5k+ until I set the brightness to be high and it look like the low brightness of 5k+.

Setting brightness and contrast are not enough while the colour is wrong.


Other question : why no fabic headstrap to sell on the site? The velcro of my headstrap already bad.

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Were still waiting on the team to re enable the back panel light control. Hopefully this comes soon.


Great to hear that. Thank you for info.


My friend tell that the Pitool

Version: V 2020.3.24

has more clarity than

Version: v1.0.1.260

He use 2080ti.
@PimaxQuorra Please check what happened.

edit : I let him to test version 144, although the image not correct, but has the most clarity and can see the pixel easier.


We will asked the engineer to check on this issue and get more information about the back panel light control.

If you look to get this headstrap, just open a ticket with the support, they will assist you to get this item.



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