Calling ALL StarVR Owners, New StarVR One Owner needing Help


I’ve just acquired a very nice condition StarVR One headset and could use some wisdom from current owner concerning SteamVR.

After watching the recent StarVR One video from ThrillSeeker where he mentions he had to change his SteamVR Beta to “Oculus Win 7/8” compatibility for the StarVR One to work correctly could current owner please advise if you are all using this method for getting SteamVR to work with your headset.

Thank you


Does the StarVR One support OpenXR? I haven’t seen any reference to be able to do OpenXR based games like MSFS.

Assuming that SteamVR support works on this headset, you should be getting OpenXR through SteamVR. This works pretty universally.

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I don’t have the option to “Set SteamVR as OpenXR Runtime”

I dont think it will support Open XR, due to stop of development. Mbuccia might create another Runtime :stuck_out_tongue:

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What a shame they didn’t get around to finishing development of this wonderful headset.

I tested my StarVR One with the Biz Link power adapters which are used by my Varjo VR3 and it worked with no problems. You can get these for $149.00 should you come across a good deal on a StarVR One you want to take a chance on but it needs power adapters, of cause you would have to purchase two.

VirtualLink Interface Adapter:

Sold Here:
Varjo Headset Adapter

And Here:


That’s because it’s already set to it (see “Current OpenXR runtime” in your own screenshot).

This isn’t how SteamVR drivers work. They are universal between SteamVR OpenVR and OpenXR support. So if OpenVR apps work, there is no reason OpenXR apps wouldn’t work through SteamVR.

Maybe download OpenXR Explorer and run it to inspect the state of OpenXR support. I really don’t see any reason it wouldn’t work (unless a nasty bug in their SteamVR driver).

I just want to confirm those who own the StarVR One, there SteamVR Beta is set up like mine in order for the StarVR One to function properly witn SteamVR.

Also you are using Compass Version 2.00.2016 correct?

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