Buying 8k-x and what I will lose

If i understand this corect i will pay 999+120(deluxe audio) and I then will not get 100 cheaper on wirless, I will not get any free games, will not get fans, will not get face cushin, I will not get MAS and no frames for glases?

Have i understod it corect then?

MAS and comfort kit is included in Vision models.

YEs but i will not get it on my 5k+

You’ll be getting the MAS but not the comfort kit.

The MAS was listed as one of the stretch goals in the KS, until I see in writing “Opting out of stretch goals does not include the MAS, this is still provided” then we have to assume that we would end up with a 5K+ without the MAS if we take one of the upgrades.
The current wording on the upgrade slides is just opt-out of ALL backer stretch goals, $120 difference right there without the other smaller bits


From what they were saying on the stream it sounds like the MAS is also one of the opt-out items, although they didn’t say it explicitly.

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My understanding of the video and slides is that you get $50 credit for opting-out of stretch goals.

Given that the MAS sells independently for $120, the stretch goal opt-out is a horrible deal.


I have made a summary of the prices above.

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Shame we have to give up the wireless module discount. Wireless 5K+ and wired 8KX could be a pretty nice combo (assuming going back to 5k+ isn’t painful)