Buy Pimax 5k+ now or in 2019 Q1-2

I’m sure somebody made a topic about this but it’s longer then a year ago
I’m not going to relay on that.

I’m not sure when to buy the pimax 5k plus now today or in 2019 Q1-2
Why am i not sure?
It’s because of lack of information given about The warranty in 2018.
Or do you get the info when you bought it or ???
But i need some info.

1. The warranty about shipment,
2. The warranty when it is broken.
3. And how long do you have the warranty.
Extra. will the price be the same on 2019 Q2?

I understand that pimax is new is struggling to keep up, they try to do their best…
I just want to buy it on the right time
BUT! i do not have the luxury of ‘‘just’’ buying another one.
I just want to be sure and not regret making an 700$ mistake.



No answer.
That confirms my suspicion.


Enjoy your new Rift. :grinning:


I tried to play the safe card way…
But it appears to be waited time.
Because of the huge amount of orders keep coming in.

I just bought 5k+ on feb 26.
My order is P124XXX
But can we get some educated guess like one month or two, half year?
I’m searching on the forum inside out for like how many headsets are delivered in total or something close to ‘‘it’’
But is there a update post like:
we deliverd total of order items from p0 to p094503

I have very long patience when knowing when it is coming.

But when you paid something in huge amount and not knowing a thing kinda bugs the **** out of me.
Its eating my from the inside out. Not knowing a little bit of info, but i’m sure a lot of people are having the same fate as me atm.

P.s im not trying to be rude of any kind
And i made slight mistake on my Billing Address only my phone number is incorrect and i cannot change But my email just correct can this be a issue ?

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