Buy Oculus quest while wait for plan F?

Should I buy the quest while I wait for my index controllers? How long is it going to take coz if it’s by the end of this month I won’t get it

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Don’t count on it.
I had ordered plan f back in dec and got the answer they were almost at the eu warehouse.
Now in the update it seems they aren’t near shipped. And after eu would be aus and so on… If i recall…

Just remember, this is Pimax, if they say something like: You should recieve it soon, you have to read: The parts are in production and sometime something will be produced and maybe sometime after that it may be shipped, or not. Although i got tricked quite a few times i sometimes make the fault to believe anything they say :slight_smile:

It will arrive at some point, it just takes ages :zzz:


You could just get the quest and sell it later, when the Pimax turns up.


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