Budget config for 8KX

Hi all. Have 8KX with very old hardware, so need the whole new PC.
Can’t afford to buy RTX 4090 or smth very expensive, so need your advice about “reasonable” config (GPU first of all) for my requirements.
I have not so much free time so MAINLY I want to enjoy HL:Alyx and its mods with decent visual quality (not ultras but enough good for high visual quality of 8KX) and good FPS for nice experience in this game.
Considering I will play ONLY in Normal FOV (Large will use only for videos “you know what I mean”).
ALSO want to play Boneworks, soon coming HL2 VR and everything connected to HL universe as I’m huge fun :slight_smile:
Another shooters are much less likely. Not playing “CS-like” shooters like Pavlov at all. Also not playing flight sims and very doubt about racing sims.
Also want games like Talos Principle and Solus Project but don’t think they’re demanding.

With an RTX2080 I got along well in the most games when starting the 8kx. It was a bit tight at DCS in some situations, but it was also possible with little restrictions (7700k cpu)

think, the 2070 should do the most jobs also.
An older 1080nonTi was a bit weak for me on the predecessor 8k+, with high supersampling. I wouldn’t really use that for the 8kx.

I would like to say that the 2080 has its limits, even on a 12th gen of intel.

there are ways to get better perfomance like pref kits,pimax open xr and stuff, but overall i would suggest you to get a 4080 or get a 3080 on sale if you wand go over medium to poor optimized games loke green hell ect.
Older titles may run okay or good :slight_smile:

the thing is pimax is pretty high end because of its fov.

It may depend on what you are willing to invest or play.
please have a look at the marketplace on the forums if you need some stuff :wink:

oh and nice to meet you :slight_smile: