Broken Forum Design on Mobiles

Mobile browsing the forum is broken on the iPhone for me.
The larger title menu is floating above the personal menu items so these can’t triggered anymore… creating new topic is accessible in portrait only…
Thank good I have auto login, otherwise this message wouldn’t have been possible…


Same here I see the same problem

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Android is still working.

Only issue is forum topic title floats on bar but if you finger scroll up your user pic & pimax titlebar should be there.

That’s right, today the forum did not work for about 12:00 local time in Poland for a while. And later I had exactly the same problem on the iPhone

I cleared the cache on mobile on Android and there are some issues on mobile version… Can’t search as the support link is over the top of the search icon for instance. Looks like the may have patched their theme?

Yes on top of all the other issues they have now broken the forum for iPhone users.

It is working fine for me on my iPhone .

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So you can press the search button or your notification icon?

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I can as the pics I posted. Topic shows at the top. If I move up slightly my profile pic & search icon are displayed.

Now on Android though scaling can be problem due to android having more Displays res & aspect ratios.

I have has in a game for example options not shown in a market 4 example.

I was replying to @Fomatter. Phil can you use the search option etc on iPhone?

Found new functions.

Try swiping left for Categories & such.

Swipe right for notifications & such.

Swipe up you get topic title. Swipe down you should be able to acs search & such on top.

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Ok no the button does not work until I scroll down the page a bit to get rid of the menu overlay . But it only works when I am not on the main page . So yes It sucks a bit .


None of that seems to work for me .

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I am considering jumping ship to Samsung because of the new awesome foldable phone . I luv new tech .


Still broken… this is Firefox and Safari is the same

Broken for me, chrome on Android:

Same problem here. Note 9

Strange which android phone or are you a rotten Apple?

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Huwei(sp?) Also has a foldable screen. Haven’t seen it yet

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Ah on Dark theme. The store & support link was not fixed. Try dark theme