Broken Base Station, caught between Pimax and Steam

So, one of my Base Stations from the Plan F upgrade (index kit) has stopped working and is blinking red. This was kinda expected since they were shipped without protection in a Index controller box.

Now, Pimax does not trust me when I way that is is broken, and wants Steam support to confirm it.

Steam support trusts me (why wouldn’t they?) and wants the unit replaced. They do not have a way to confirm it is broken, or at least does not offer one. Makes sense, casuse the red blinking light is confirmation enough.

So now I’m stuck with Pimax only responding to my requests with “Can you please show Steam support test results?” because they do not seem to understand English so there is no way for me to tell them that there are no test results.

Steam will no longer help me because it is in Pimax hands to replace the unit.

So here I am with only one base station. And no way to get the broken one fixed. Yay, way to go Pimax.



I have reminded the team to solve this issue for you. You should be contacted soon, if not during the weekend, at least on Monday.


Thank you so much @SweViver, I will wait. I’m usually very happy with Pimax support, it just always gets more complicated when there are third-parties involved. Ticket is #4064.


Just got an instant confirmation from one of our support team members:

"We will submit the RMA for him, so he can return the defective one for exchange. We will contact him next Monday. "

So Monday it is! (Its getting late today already in Shanghai. They are back on Monday morning.)


Yeah, they should of course have their weekend off. I hope you get some vacation as well @SweViver, its been a busy spring :slight_smile:


I had an afternoon off yesterday. Went golfing with my gf for a couple of hours. I could barely hit the ball anymore lol… I dont even remember the last time I had vacation. But I wont complain, my job is more fun (and way less frustrating) than golf anyway :joy:


You just made me buy Golf Club VR… Thanks :rofl:

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The funny thing is, Golf Club VR is even more difficult to master than golfing in real life :slight_smile:


Problem is you only swing one hand not both :slight_smile:

Yep something that could help is to use a real club (maybe cut it shorter) and mount the controller on it. There is actually a offset setting in TGC VR for the controller position. But it feels a bit dangerous doing full-swings at home, and will never be as real golf anyway, I guess…

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