Brand new 8K+ or used 8KX

They are at the same price.

Any opinion?

Perhaps the hardware has changed and a new 8K+ perform better than an old 8KX.

With the exception that the + has 2 usb ports rather than 1, the X will outperform it in every way.


2 usb port ?? And the 8KX?

The + has 2 USB ports for accessories and the X only has the lower one for accessories like hand tracking etc. Other than that the X is superior in every way.

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Here the 8KX has 2 USB ports too :

That photo depicts the connectors to the PC, not the usb-c connectors on the headset used for accessories.

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ok you talk about the small usb ports.

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Yes he means to plug into the headset itself, not the cables going into the PC. The + has 2 ports, so you can plug in eye tracking + hand tracking into the headset… with the X, you’d have to run a long external USB wire to do both and only plug one in. Not a huge deal for regular users.

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Speaking of. has anyone found a long usbc extension cable that is flexible and light.

The cable matters one are too thick and heavy

EDIT i was thinking. The oculus link cable is perfect and long enough but I just need a gender changer from usb-c male to usb-a female


something like this

this could work

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Get the 8kX. There’s no question here.

It will have a better picture with less resource use than the 8k+ and you get high refresh rate and the same image quality as the 8k+ in upscale if you want.


For information, 8KX est dispo sur amazon eu

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