Blury in one eye

hi there so i have a problem in one game were the right eye is blury i have just updated to beta and reinstalled steam vr but its the same and only in that game
well do some more testing , i just re downloaded the game to see
amd1800x 2080ti
i have pics as well

looks like its ok now dont know what the problem was but im going to re do the steam vr setting from this post and see if that was the issue

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yeah can close thread looks ok now not to sure what it was

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ok its still doing in in onward the right eye goes blurry , anyone elss getting anthing like that in any other game . im using the beta drivers now

I had this same issue in Elite Dangerous after reinstalling windows. After a lot of searching and testing, it turned out to be the combination of having Fixed Foveated Rendering on in PiTools, and also having any form of anti-aliasing on in the game. Turn off either of those, and I was fine. Note that I had to turn off the AA in the game’s video settings, changing the settings in NVIDIA control panel didn’t seem to do anything.

ill have to give it ago as i just found another game its started doing it in weird thing is the menu was fine but evetime the game started bamm one eye blury , and when the game ended and went back to the main menu it was ok

i dont have the option to turn off the FFR

It’s in PiTool or Pimax Experience and it’s a game-specific setting. I have the problem with FFR in Boneworks and the latest v8 of Blade and Sorcery which I just installed (wasn’t a problem in v7). Haven’t tried Onward in a long time, I didn’t used to have a problem but maybe on a newer version.

Games -> Game List (eg Onward or B&S) -> FFR -> Close (which means off)

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o ok lol thats dumb why not just say off lol. and i dont think the new game im playing has a opion menu at all

Yeah dunno why it says that! Onward should be available in the dropdown, mine is.

I have it via Steam I don’t know if there’s any other way to get it that maybe doesn’t show up

yeah seams to be working now

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i know it’s a silly question & as I have no X myself & saw a lot of complains that right eye not in focus, just wondered did all of those ppl experience real optic problem or it was FFR as on first picture it was obvious for me that it’s FFR. On other hand for 2nd eye & optic problem other ppl could experience next things:

  1. you can’t get both eyes in focus, but if you move your right eye aside everything in perfect focus (one of the reasons - IPD not setup, HMD min IPD is too big for a person, lenses IPD mechanism has slack & lenses non aligned properly
  2. spacing between lens & panel could be not properly calibrated & it’s why it did it hard to focus for an eye, e.g. if you tried custom vive lenses adaptors you may know that if you didn’t tune distance between lens & screen the eye what looks through that lens becomes tired & stressed very quick, while if distance is ok, it’s relaxed. Easy to check, close left eye & try to find perfect focused pot with one eye, if you can, then it’s not the problem.

Oh yeah, massive difference between blurry eye due to lens / lack of focus issue, and total pixellation in one eye, due to FFR issue.

For me the difference between the two is very obvious. And I finally solved my lens issue to the point where it doesn’t matter for me any more, both eyes are good and any dead ahead blur difference is now tiny, and I can use the X consistently fine every time.

I swapped the CK cowling to 5k+ and all solved. No software setting before that helped. Why there’s such a big difference I don’t know, but it worked. I also must thank @Heliosurge for the suggestion, you rock :+1: :+1: :+1:

I think it would be wise for Pimax to look into why so many people have this lens focus issue in at least one eye and provide an explanation. There are plenty of frustrated buyers out there and until recently I was one of them @PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA.

Can you please provide a reason why it affects so many users on the 8KX, including 5k+ / 8k owners? Just switching between thin and thick foams is NOT enough. The Comfort Kit cowling was the problem for me.

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it’s well known, it’s nature of canted displays with current Pimax lenses implementation & impossibility for some ppl set IPD to workaround mode due to min inter lenses cicles centres distance.

your post doesn’t answer the question, I was wondering whether it’s canted & IPD thing or it’s distance between lens & displays, coz if it’s second you can’t find crisp spot with your right eye by looking outwards, but if it’s blurred no matter where you look with your left eye closed, then it can be the case

Sure, but as we talked about before, there’s something much worse on the X. It may well have existed on the earlier models, but there’s something additional here.

Is it:

  1. Extra distance between each lens
  2. Eye relief distance change
  3. Smaller panels and altered positioning of panels and lenses
  4. Combination of the above made worse by Comfort Kit / new foams

I think Pimax should update with ‘We’re aware of some issues for 8KX buyers and we’ve done some testing. Here are the results and suggestions, we hope it will help some of you’.

Instead they have remained silent and left people in the lurch. I wrote a bunch of steps on another post that they could include to address concerns, but I can’t find it now. Something like:

  1. The distance between lenses have not changed between 1st and 2nd gen on minimal mechanical IPD - it is XX mm
  2. We have found testers with this problem, and they solved it by doing the following hardware and software changes: X, Y, Z
  3. The Pimax Experience will include an IPD test method by date DD/MM/YY

Anyway, this is not FFR related so we should discuss further elsewhere.

well but can you just confirm you can find right lens crisp spot if you use only 1 eye, is it better worse if you use the same eye in different lenses? just spot most crisp angle & compare both, it really can be a manufacturing defect of the one of lenses if it’s IPD then it should be the same

This is the best description of the problem I’ve seen :joy:

So slightly blurry in both eyes looking ahead. Clear in one eye when turning head and looking at an angle (which makes the other eye very blurry from that angle). Didn’t really matter which eye, same issue, but right eye was usually worse by default with the headset positioning.

Why I get it with the Comfort Kit cowling, but not the 5k+ cowling, I don’t know. It has become so insignificant now that I’m not bothered at all. I’ve also now got a counterweight and top strap added, so all three provide a benefit. But it was the 5k+ cowling that made the big difference.

Because the distance to the lenses is different?

Haven’t measured but the CK is thicker (at least it’s visibly thicker in the bottom part) which makes sense as I was using a 22mm foam on the 5K+ but am using the VRMust foam (which seems softer) on the 8KX with similar results… :wink:

Yeah I guess so? The only thing is that when I held the unit up in my hands, I had a lot of trouble getting it clear in both eyes. I can only assume I kept missing the critical spot.

I’m interested to see what difference the Pimax thick foam makes compared to the VRMust one when it turns up. As you say, it’s not only thicker still but less likely to compress. Might make things even better, although I don’t really need it any more.

It’s not going to answer the question, but pix of 5k+ cowling with VRMust pad next to Comfort Kit pad with thin foam. The VRMust foam has a rigid back and was clearly intended for the CK, but holds up fine on it’s own:

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Might also be a calibration difference? Lenses slightly unevenly placed?

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