Blur in center of Lenses

Hi Pimax Team

Im a proud fresh customer of Pimax4k over Amazon in Germany.
I have the problem, that my right lens is total blury directly in the center of the lens, and i can see the bluriness with or without my glasses.


Im slighty far sighted

left eye +1,25
right eye +1,0
IPD is 67 (PiPlay best result 57,0)

using the lastest Firmware and PiPlay released Fr. 13.10.2017
Graphicscard: 1080ti

Serialnr: 10071172103732

what can we do to solve this ?

@Pimax-Support @bacon @Doman.Chen

I have added a few pokes to the support team. The 4k was designed more with 20/20 & myopia(short sighted)

As a result a few very clever users have devised focus mods using reading glasses. @LukeB & @Starraker can explain details on this minor non-invasive mods.

The above link explains 2 mods luke performed.

@Starraker variation of @LukeB first mod used pvc pipe & dremel to create clip on/off adapter.

This was one of the issues PiMax addressed & fixed in the 5k & 8k models.

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Hi Alex, sorry for inconvenience. Usually users with myopia less then 0-300 degree (-3.0) may use Pimax 4K without wearing glasses. We recommend users with other eyesight situations to wear prescription glasses to get a better experience. Could you please ask somebody to experience the headset? It will be better for our further estimate, thanks.

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i wearing glasses alltime. and i can see the unsharpness only in center off the right lens, the left one is near perfect.

i tryed to look with the left eye thru the right lens, and can also see the blur
its a mechanical issue from the lens itself.

i readed alot off other posts of users, having that trouble.
can u send me an ohter lens to fix that problem myself ?

This was what I was going to suggest. It’s the best way to determine if there really is an issue with the lens.

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BTW, not to hijack your topic, but normally there is blurriness around the edges of the lens. Why is that anyway @Pimax-Support ? It really degrades the experience when one eye is looking through the bluriness and the other is not. Now that I’ve fixed my IPD issue by moving the lenses it’s become much more noticeable. I hope this works better in the Pimax 8k.

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i tested a bit around

with virual desktop

and some test lens images.

it is hardly to discripe, it looks like a dirty weel rolled inside over the lens, can it be dust from manufracturingprocess ?

tomorrow i buy some cheap readingglasses with a bit more dioptrin to test. more

i hope we find a solution, otherwise i send it back.

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If you can. See if you can use a camera to capture what your seeing.

I really hope that Pimax has given their full attention to resolving all the optics issue that it deserves.

It was bad enough that the Pimax 4K had so many problems with lenses, IPD and focus, but if any of these problems are repeated in the 5K and 8K units, then it will be very likely that Pimax as a company will lose credibility and fail in the VR market.

With these new products, not only are they significantly more expensive in themselves than the 4K, but if you add the extra expense of necessary upgrades to the computer system, then we are talking about spending a lot money.

VR is all about creating a high quality visual experience and if poor optics ruins this experience (like it does in the 4K) then I doubt that people will be willing to spend their money on these products.

If we use the Nolo unit as an example. What a disappointment this product has truned out to be.
We were all looking forward to this becoming available and living up to the marketing hype, but as soon as we saw all the stability and reliability problems that people reported with this product, we stopped buying it.

This will also happen with the new Pimax 5K/8K units if the original mistakes are repeated.

I write about this subject again because of my concerns that this WILL happen again with the new Pimax units and
the reason I have these concerns is that after many requests about clarification on the optics system’s IPD and focus adjustment mechanisms of the new units, there has not yet been a satisfactory statement from Pimax that gives me confidence.

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Well on the plus side if you’ve been following the swappable lens discussion. It is possible if this gets implemented a lens set with some kind of focus adapter might become an available down the road.

Yes I have been closely following most discussions.
Well I guess that would be a sort of solution, but they had better be included free.
Looking forward to hearing about what the new prototypes are like when they are announced by Pimax.

Pimax had better pull their finger out.

This will be available in three weeks from yesterday.

I will be VERY interested in reading/watching reviews as they begin coming in.

Yes i already like the lack of focus your looking for & a review posted somewhere on the forums descibe it has ergonomic issues by the sounds of it like deepoon on head mount. But unlike like other windows mr it does have higher res (pentile not rgb & lower than 4k). But does have hardware ipd adjustment.

Thats what a good headset needs, i hope any of the companys will grab that idea.
it didnt must be included, but u have an option solve ur own short or far sighting problem.

Its been one of Luke’s main complaint with headsets. The 5k/8k like oculus/vive have option to wear glasses or use vr fram adapters to have your prescription lenses added to a clip on/magnetic attachment over lenses of headset.

short update

totday i buyed some reading glasses +2,5 dioptrin, and broked off the arms tested in all possibile variations,
nothing helps.

right lense have blur in the center, only readable top bottom left and right

the left lens is perfect clear and text is readable even a bit better as my normal wearing glasses

im frustrated

Do you have a friend whom doesn’t require glasses? If so have them try the headset.

However i read you tried your left eye on the right lens. A 2nd opinion though with a friend with 20/20 could confirm best.

It sounds like might be best to get your distributer to exchange headset.

Yes and I don’t quite understand why the true focus issue isn’t being address be designers?
I do understand that it would be more difficult for headsets with shaped lenses, but having to wear glasses will definitely detract from the overall immersion effect.
No need for 200 degree fov when you need to wear glasses. 90 degrees is more than enough.

I am disappointed when I think about what an amazing VR headset the Pimax4K would be with mechanical IPD and focus and an improved DP interface.
I just hope that when a 4K OLED display becomes available that Pimax reconsiders the design of the Pimax4K.
It would still have a lifetime of several more years I feel.

Even using the new clpl 4k with scaler plus dp 1.4 for 1080p 1440p & 2160p support. With tge current shell could likely make an upgrade kit for existing 4k units.

New front plate to have laser tracking module & micro phone. With at mechanical ipd & access to lens for swap (new freshnel lens with infinity focus).

Focus adjustment i suspect is found in cardboard more as you need it to adjust for different size screens.

I suspect for pc focus adjustment would need to have option to pass focus 2 screen to adjust rendering. This could be why almost none seem to have it. :disappointed:

Now if you recall though a user here with sight issues mentioned he didn’t need glasses with the vive & Pimax is using the same focus method of vive/rift. Which is compatiable with glasses or vr adapter. Why if you get a chance to try a vive/rift to see how it looks for you. (best of course if an event hits your way of course)

Well that could be very soon.
Microsoft has launched an event starting with Sydney’s Microsoft Store (a real store) where they are making several models of the headsets that use Microsoft Mixed Reality technology available for customers to tryout.

Now I have been told that one will also be opening here in Melbourne early in the new year.

I hope Pimax brings their technology to a show in Melbourne as well.
I would really love to try it out and get a real feel if wearing my glasses will work.

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