Bluetooth settings hmd?

Can i somehow mangage the bluetooth of the hmd ?

just asking for security reasons, i just need those devices connected, that i use…

Pimax hmds only have the watchman dongles built into the headset for connecting controllers. No Blue tooth controls for Lighthouse control of power states. Some use an ap on Android or a 3rdparty program using a blue tooth dongle or built into there mobo.

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I do not seem how by now, i also have different bluetooth dongles at home,
I also got watchman dongles and the ones you use for audio or data.

I could not find any way to acess the power state options of the Base stations, like i had with the Vive.

Thanks to people like you, i know a little more now.I did integrate the base stations into my smart home, so i cam switch them off.If i switch of Base 2, base one goes into standby after a time.

in the past i could set both to standby…but that seems impossible without a link box.

Its not that big kind on a deal, but it would be nice to have more options anyway.

So i can not tell the hmd to revoke other devices, than the ones i want ?
I got this funny neighbour…:joy:

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