Blue "artefacts" on the edge of the lenses?


Backer #122, I recently received my Pimax 5K+. Overall I am very impressed, but I noticed weird blue “distortions” at the very edge of my vision (I am using normal fov). This is not always visible, but I did see it a few times,
I managed to do some photos using my smartphone and uploaded them on imgur: Pimax blue artifacts on right edge of the screen - Album on Imgur

One of the photos:

Should I be worried? Can anyone check if they see similar issues?


I would expect this to be quite normal, @Sjef might have a name for this phenomenon.


Yeah It’s called “blue edge” :grinning:

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I have Vive and Oculus and did not see it there. When I use pimax there are moments where I can see it in my peripheral vision and it’s slightly distracting. I just want to confirm if all Pimax HMDs behave in the same way, or not.


I’ve read almost every post on the forum and not seen it mentioned. Back when they were demoing the M2 prototype they had a similar shimmering edge problem but that was from the early lens design. Your problem looks new. Hopefully someone can help you out

the distortion correction is usually made for R/G/B slightly different to compensate, maybe it still can be tweaked, things like this where also discussed with the gear vr lens swap on the vive and had to be made, it took some iterations and in some cases its not working witch might depend on the lenses, the lens adapters, the vive, the person using it
it seems the vive (lenses) get seperatly measured after productiond and every vive has different profiles stored in the hmd
not sure how pimax handles this, if the correction used for the hms’s is all the same and stored in the software …?

you can see something like that even here in the 5k+ lens shots (3x), but in this case (center of view) it might be something that comes from how the picture was made


So close to a law suit, would have been “ray” instead of “edge” :grin:


Looks like you get on the tp-cast wirless on vive.

yeah, i guess he has the new version where they changed the color from green to blue (can’t believe they ignored it and never fixed it)

I don’t have a tpcast, this happens on a wired Pimax 5K+

Yeah saw it a couple of times, not sure what to think of it. I think it happens when you see objects popping in/out your peripheral vision.

sure, there is no tpcast product for higher resolution hmd’s like 5k+
also it does look different, the green line on the tpcast is straight with constant width from top to bottom (not completely because of lens distorsion) and its not moving/changing or related to the content

whats not to be seen in a picture is if the blue line is directly related to the picture content, how its moving/changing with the content

beside the blue there is also green, what made me think of wavelength effect less for red, highest for blue

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Seen this a few times also, but not all the time, so I suspect it also relates to the app being used, not seen it enough to figure out common scenarios. It does change its sparkle as you move your head.


Please contact our support team via servicedesk, That’s the fast way to solve the problem

The servicedesk link :

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I have similar experience, it’s most visible in SteamVR Home for me, but I did not test many apps/games.