Blank gray room in steamvr

So, today i got my pimax, everything is working. I can watch 3d screens in piplay, but steam vr loads gray, very high room- i can watch around but it doesnt load what i see on my desktop monitor , which is some furniture. Vorpx crashes too cause its using steamvr. So although the pimax is working its pretty useless right now

oh now it stopped loading in direct mode and basicaly it stopped seeing pimax at all. what a junk

Hi, that is the Steam problem. The latest Steam version has this problem, please try to use the latest Piplay version, and use the Pimax mode to solve this problem. Thank u so much!

I tried pimax mode, but it didnt work at all, just black screen inside pimax

What kind of PC are u using? Desktop or laptop?
Which system? windows 10? 7?
Which graphic are u using?
Have you update to the latest Piplay version and graphic drive version?

When you change to Pimax mode, headset is duck. But when you open the games, the game will run in your headset.

Desktop pc. Graphics is radeon 7850. Windows 10 64bit professional.
In pimax mode steamm cant see headset. In direct mode i have this grey room

ok i managed somehow to run in Pimax mode and Steamvr is working now!:slight_smile: