Blade and Sorcery with the Outer Rim Star Wars mod - brutal!

I’d largely gone off Star Wars with all the dubious films, but with the Mandalorian, upcoming Squadrons, and Battlefront II for £10 on Steam recently, I am reacquiring a taste for it.

So in the end I didn’t wait for the 8KX to arrive, and grabbed B&S and the Star Wars mods and tried it last night on the 5k+.

And it is a hell of a lot of fun, if somewhat gory hehe. There’s a lot of severed limbs and heads flying about. Makes more sense to be a Sith than a Jedi in this game :slight_smile: Nothing quite like blocking a saber swing with one hand, and using the second one in the other to decapitate your opponent muhahaha :grin:

While it may not have the AAA visuals of BF II, which are virtually movie like, the lightsabers in the mod are incredibly well done and feel great to use. And there a huge huge number of them based on all the Star Wars lore, which is far more than I know anything about. There is simply a LOT. The rifles are very satisfying to use too, although some could do with a texture update. Even without the mod, force pulling objects to you and using lightning are available. Force push can be added with a mod, and more to come.

The slower pace is both what I personally prefer and better for VR gaming. BF II is a lot of fun for sure, but can be frantic at times. B&S is a one man game though, and the same is true for the mod, so don’t expect anything too complex. A bunch of arena type locations in which to butcher your hapless foes!

For anyone interested in trying it, the mod only currently works on U7 of the game, which is the previous version. You can grab that instead on Steam easily by looking under the beta options. 8.x is now out, which I believe has a lot of performance, graphics, and magic enhancements, for those who prefer D&D or Game of Thrones!

I was running it with PT 2.0, SVR 0.25, Normal FOV, and PP off, and didn’t spot any performance issues, running at 90FPS. The levels aren’t big or complex, and most of the textures are undemanding.

Sometimes I found the Index control setup was not perfect eg I would accidentally turn off a lightsaber when swinging because I pressed the touch pad by mistake, but presumably can be customised and I got used to it with a bit of practice.

I’m grabbing some more mods next, that add various heroes, villains, enemy types, armour and voicepacks etc. If only it had multiplayer!


Awesome will need to check it out for sure. Still remember the early days modding the first doom releases and such.

I had a series of mods tgat converted Doom/Doom 2 into Star Wars.

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Hehe ah yes indeed. I also remember the ‘official’ version, Dark Forces, with great fondness, before it evenutally morphed into Jedi Knight :slight_smile: Which is a big influence of the maker of the Outer Rim mod, and the eventual direction he intends to take it.

I forgot to mention that modding of B&S is incredibly painless as it uses the Vortex app / Nexus mods, the same as Skyrim et al. Auto download / install / update via a nice friendly UI.

I also remembered that the original X Wing, TIE Fighter, X Wing vs TIE Fighter, and X Wing Alliance are all on Steam with various Collector’s Edition enhancements. In particular, I know every aspect of Alliance has been 3rd party modded for years via XWAU, including high res models, interiors, menu and splash screens etc

I haven’t checked for some years, but I see that there is now a VR update for it. A bit shadowed by Squadrons now of course, but it’s a classic game with a lot of depth which will always be enjoyable:

The latest full stable release from Blue Max is available to download NOW !
With more of his Virtual Reality improvements and wondrous effects.
Some of the new features in this release are:

  • Fully-metric and distortion-free SteamVR mode.
  • SteamVR Performance Improvements.
  • Head Tracking in the Hangar and Concourse.
  • Cockpit Shadows/Shadow Mapping.
  • Reticle placement in VR.
  • SteamVR Mirror Window.
  • Wireframe targeting computer mode.
  • POV Offsets.
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