Binocular effect please help?

Hi All.
I am currently using F/W 1.2.53 (Release) (int’l). Installed today. The only real issue I have right now is that I get half round edges on both sides whilst wearing the Pi max 4k (Binocular effect). I have tried the latest F/W. I have tried all the IPD adjustments with no luck? I have spoken to a few people who have the Pi max on YouTube & they say that they do not have this issue?? so I’m thinking maybe a soft wear issue? I do not get this with my Samsung gear VR and Samsung s6 edge at all. That is a another story but in short they just over heat too fast hence the purchase of the Pi max 4k. I have no other issue:( I have read on the forums that some people are moving the device 1" away from their face or taking off the soft sponge! to get a clearer image but mine is the opposite!! If I press it hard onto my face they move slightly! (Less visible) in the right way but they are still visible & obviously I cant sit there with it pressed onto my face. lol. Any one else out there with the same issue who as found a solution please email me direct @ Thank you for taking the time to read my Topic and hope there is some good advice out there:)…Thank You.

Any chance you can post a photo of what it look like in the display?
I have to wear eye glasses with mine and that seems to be normal for me.

First of all, thank you for your reply:) I tried numerous times to take a photo without any luck, so Hope this Drawing gives you some idea of what I see? The stars on the right hand side may give you some judgment of how far I can see before the dark half edges start to come into view. When you look through yours? You maybe able to see more than I can for instance. My eyes are as good as they can be & never had any issues were I need to wear glasses etc but maybe your the same & just wear them to help with viewing in Pi max?. Please Reply as I have mentioned in my Topic. It really is the only issue I have right now with the 4k::).

The in-focus area in my display is probably similar to the area you show around the logo, but does appear to extend a bit further out from what you have shown including the out of focus area on each side.

I do have another set of lenses that Pimax sent me about a month ago, but I’m reluctant to take my unit apart to install them without knowing what effect they would have if any.

Has anyone replaced the lenses in the HMD with a replacement set from Pimax? If yes, did they do anything?

OK. I answered your question on the YouTube video. And I’ve already seen your forum posts, but I can not help you because I do not understand. So I suggest that you read the installation instructions once and try to adjust your installation environment.
Good luck~!

My best guess is those of us that have black borders and have to move it further away have the lens holders fitted one way, and those that have to move it close have them fitted the other way. Lens holders are wrong way around or maybe the right way around, either way that seems logical to me. I have the opposite problem to you. Mine looks like this, unless i pull it off my face.

Yes I agree, either way around they seem to be wrong or something. To be honest from some of the responses that I have had already, From you tube users as well. I don’t really know or understand what we are actually suppose to see through the headset? I Imagined like a monitor, kind of wide and less in height? A rectangle No? That’s what my gear VR looks like with my phone in it. it only cost me £40. I have tried unplugging my other monitors so that I only have 1 in one hdmi port and my Pi max in the other as Crony Suggested with no results it just looks the same:( I have contacted Pi max today & will upload their response to my binocular effect query. Is the right F/W? There is so many & most of the older ones don’t even pick up the Pi max:(

Yes that is the firmware i’m using. I’ve never used gear vr but have a vive and that is more like looking through binoculars were everything appears to be in a htin black circle, which is what the pimax looks like if you pull it away from the face in my case, but not as wide a field of view as the vives, so more like a smaller circle vs a large one on the vive…best way i can explain it…