Bigscreen Beyond - 5k OLED and tiny

Excitement v Disappointment. Which will it be???


Make your predictions now - who’s it going to be from?

It’s said to be small so no wide FOV headset.


Portal. Sure

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Disappointment then.

The Arpara 5K.

Let that be a word of warning when it comes to MRTV’s overhyped product unveilings.



Yeah I’m fully expecting another disappointment indeed. I don’t think a solid headset manufacturer would give a premiere to a youtuber, they’d do something themselves.

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If you watch to the 11th minute of that last thrill seeker video he hints at another headset….

Big Screen VR



Price too high, FOV too low.

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Price ok, fov ok.

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Ok Pimax. You meet a new competitor.
Some with no special requirement for FOV or DFR and specially concerned by confort will have a better option than yours


Not included.

Base stations
Index Controllers
Audio strap which is $99

I don’t see this replacing my Index Pico combo.

yeah 93 horizontal FoV, I’ll pass


Here’s Bradley’s take.

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The Oasis.


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Price too high??? It’s 999 usd for a microOLED headset. That’s insanely cheap.

Edit: Tbf, when you think of needing base stations and controllers I can see your point. I still think it’s very cheap for what it is but I can also see how it’s not at all appealing or palatable to many.


Brief overview:

  • Absolutely tiny
  • 999usd
  • Custom facial interface (IPD set at factory, non-adjustable) ← This is intended to be a very personal, individual, headset like a pair of glasses. Resale will be tough.
  • 93 horizontal FOV, 90 vertical.
  • 28 PPD
  • microOLED
  • 2560 per eye
  • Native lighthouse tracking
  • Display port connection
  • Stereo microphones
  • No audio solution be default (first party audio strap available)
  • 127g weight
  • USB C port for accessories
  • iPhone required for facial scanning (uses lidar hence iPhone required, takes a minute or 2 so only need to borrow someones for a couple of minutes)

Store link: Bigscreen Beyond

Personal thoughts:

FOV is a bit of a deal breaker but the form factor, price and comfort options are very compelling imo. If it had a larger FOV, and eye tracking, then I would way 1500 and instantly get it. As it stands, it’s still very appealing but I don’t think I can handle that FOV. It might be good as a productivity device. I will probably get one, or at least go out of my way to try one (even without the ideal facial interface, as in using someone else’s one). For now I am still going for the crystal, but keeping an eye on further coverage. It’s a very exciting headset and the start of the microOLED era. Also, RIP Meganex haha.

One of my biggest reflection points here is that you have a company with much less experience and much smaller than pimax, managing to have an announcement that is well co-ordinated and impactful. People actoss the board have been trying the headset for 2 years now under NDA and the headset is already in the hands of influencial people at announcement with pre-orders going live at the same time. Of course the target date is yet to be seen but Pimax really could learn a lot from how Bigscreen handled this.

That might sound harsh towards Pimax but I think if there’s one thing they need to sort out, and has been said time and time again, is in general their approach to PR and how they handle announcements/launches. Bigscreen had people in the industry, including youtubers, testing iterations of this headset and giving feedback for 2 years before it was announced. Not saying this to bash Pimax, just geniunely that I think they should emulate what we saw here today.

Looking forward to hearing other people’s thoughts on the device!