Better screen shots?

I’m not thrilled with the quality of my Elite Dangerous screenshots in VR.

I’m just using the in-game F10 screenshot command. The resulting images are 1280x768 and are just the left-eye image. I think I read that there’s a way to get a “straight-ahead” view, but I don’t remember the method and I’d also like a higher res shot.

Is there a better method?

Maybe this post is related?

Edit: this is a more straight forward way with vive controllers, dunno how the screenshots look though


Unfortunately, the SteamVR mirror window “center” option is just the same as the left eye image. I’m now just closing my right eye and centering the image with my left eye before taking the shot.

In Elite Dangerous, I’m in the center of the galaxy, as high up as I can get. Here’s a shot…

Looking down on the galaxy


Awesome screenshot :sunglasses: :drooling_face:
There’s a discussion on reddit, so far the best solution seems to be switching back to 2d for a moment.

For people who have an Xbox controller lying around but no Vive wands, emulation should do the trick.

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Steam uses a compressed JPG when saving its screenshots, so having a higher resolution will have no effect on the standard screenshots.

however they do offer uncompressed screenshots but you need to enable it and you need to give the folder you are saving the images to (needs to be dedicated for these screenshots)

do this: On the settings go to the In-Game section. Be sure “Save uncompressed copy” is checked. Then click on the Screenshot Folder and select where you want yours to be saved.

Note you wont be able to upload these screenshots to your steam profile, and i suspect it wont allow you to load them in the cloud storage either… but they should be better quality!



Thanks! I’d considered that, but it’s a pain. In order to get a higher res shot, I’ve increased the size ED’s mirror window. It didn’t seem to make any difference to my framerate.

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