Better quality lenses needed?

I was expecting some distortion at the edge of the FOV, but I’m also noticing quite distracting distortion when looking straight forward. I think it may be due to distortion towards the inner eye area. Has anyone else noticed this? I wonder if better quality lenses will be made available at a later date?

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Which headset did you receive?

Headset position vertically & ipd may affect what your seeing.

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I’m using the 5k headset. I think you’re right, I think the vertical and IPD are the issue. But the problem is that I cannot set the correct IPD and have the headset in the correct vertical position without a lot of pressure on my nose (to the point where it goes red and hurts). I think the shape of the lenses themselves near the nose need some work. I feel like I need the center of the lenses closer together without narrowing the gap where the nose fits.

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Have you tried a thicker foam? I am guessing you have a small ipd.

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They most definitely needed to work on the nose area. Way to many complaints about it. Thicker face cushion is not the fix it drastically reduces the FOV. The narrow IPD is a killer but it does have good binocular overlap in that area is the only +.


Yep! Both sharpness and geometry integrity falls off drastically the last few degrees of the field of view of the “egg yolk” part of the lens, and this also manifests in a very “fresnel lens-y” manner, where you have one image that remains roughly the right shape, and a “ghost” of it, in the next lens segment hubwards, that shrinks; I can see how people would describe it as “the world following you”, from the way the image compresses and blurs radially,

I find it less distracting if one, in chasing maximum FOV, gets “eyelash close” to the lenses. That minimises the distortion, and gives a bit more stereo overlap (still uncomfortably low, though). Unfortunately the lens glare seems to be significantly worse at this amount of eye relief.

It seems clear that with its amount of pupil swim, this HMD really would benefit from having its lens distortion compensation augmented with eyetracking. It would appear the geometry out in the periphery actually remains rather correctly projected if you are looking right at it… but if you are looking forwards, which means a several millimetre difference in eyepupil position, from the above, you get heavy distortion, with the periphery compressing a lot.


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I specifically notice when I close, say, my left eye and then look left with my right eye there is significant distortion close to the nose area. Even when looking (fairly) straight forward this is still noticeable with both eyes open and results in a very slight but noticeable warping effect in the center of the display as you look around the scene.

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I’m wondering again if this is an IPD issue. If I could bring the lenses closer together without pinching my nose, maybe the distortion towards the nose area would be lessened because that part of the lense would be out of my visible range?

Right now this is my biggest peeve. It’s quite immersion breaking and I start to feel a little queasy after a while because of it. I’ve never felt that from wearing the Vive.

There are 2 situation.

  1. Your eyes can see image from opposite lenses, try to use finger to block between eyes to check. You need to make some wall to block the gap at your nose.
  2. Center distortion make by too much thicker facepad (geomatry distortion).
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I have similar problems. My IPD is 2 mm lower than the minimum setting. If I’m not exactly in the center then the inner parts of the lenses start to blur the image.

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