Better black color when decrease backligh to be 0

I test 8k+ and when I use the desktop mode, I found that the white color is too bright.

I try to decrease the backlight to be 0 and not help, so I decrease the contrast and brightness.

But I feel that the black color is better, so I try the affeted the manor. A game which always has issue about black color because it look you can see the grey fog over the game environment.

When I test, wow this is better. And I think the backlight at 0 and contrast, brightness at default is okay.
So I am not sure that this happened in 8k+ only or not, so I try to test 5k+ and it get the same result.

I try to use the backlight at default and get the grey fog effect.
So the wrong calibrate backlight make the 5k+ to has issue for a long time. Another game which has the same result is Titanic VR.


It really depends on the game. When the backlight is too low, bright areas look dimmer than they should be.

I used to set Backlight to 0 (dimmest) for Elite Dangerous, but I recently experimented with the light levels again (when the PiTool Backlight option was re-enabled). I found that for me, setting Backlight to 3 (one notch down from brightest) produced the best overall result. Note that I have an 8K, so your results may vary.


I have similar experiences on a 5k+. I enjoy max brightness, but 3 is probably best.

I fiddle too much - the panels are best calibrated with individual eye brightness/contrast left at ±0. Colors are MUCH more enjoyable with +1 contrast -1 brightness, or ±2, but you can see whites being crushed pretty harshly even at setting 1 (For this, go to your desktop and just try using pitool in VR. Total mess unless left alone).

As a result, for any desktop work I leave the individual eye brightness and contrast controls at default. In any games though, I still definitely prefer at least +1 -1.

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I think this is just an issue with LCD screens. They can’t reproduce decent black levels. Index has it really bad (cheap TFT LCD screen). Wish Pimax would use OLED in newer models like they did with the XR. Colors and black levels are said to be improved in the 8Kx but haven’t seen this for myself?

There are a lot of problems with OLED too. Smearing, terrible blur/persistence when comparing Hz to Hz with a competitor LCD, cost.

The biggest issue is a lack of full RGB stripe OLEDs. Way too many stick to pentile, and that’s fine for a phone but not for VR.

Vive nailed it with partially disabled blacks. Honestly, it’s the best screen I’ve used in VR barring resolution.

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