Best way to connect pimax to laptop?

I have a zephyrus with 1080 and I am
Wondering if I can connect it somehow . I used usb c to display port adaptor but it is not work. Has anyone had any luck with dp 1.4 to hdmi 2 cable ?

Can you post the model of Laptop? The usb-c is it the vrlink? & have you verified the usb-c to dp is 1.4?

It’s a Zephyrus GX501V model . According to the manufacturer the usb c supports dp 1.4.

Does the Adapter say it is dp 1.4 output?

Just reading up on your laptop. Looks nice. The usb-C porr that says it supports DP is the usb-c thunderbolt port.

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Yes and the adaptor is 1.4 dp …
Somehow it seems I am not the only one having this issue . I found 2 other people with similar

I know regular Dp mini & reg Thunderbolt I believe works. But not sure on the usb-c thunderbolt.

I know @SweViver uses mini dp 2 full size dp on his laptop.


My laptop doesn’t seem to work also through mini dp to displayport or through thunderbolt to displayport adapter either. My laptop screen goes black when the displayport of the Pimax is plugged in. I tried the " Cable Matters USB-C to DisplayPort Adapter (USB C to DP Adapter) DisplayPort 1.4 Support up to 8K Resolution" adapter, but perhaps my laptop only outputs DP 1.2 through thunderbolt alternate mode even though I cannot find that information from the manufacturer.
I’ll let you know if I make any progress.

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Might want to compare with @SweViver.

I bought this mini dp to dp adaptor from Amazon few days ago. And it works for my ROG laptop with mDP to connect to my 5k+. I didn’t actually play any games through. But I only test it and make sure steam vr works (with no light house).


Thanks a lot actually with this one and my
Older laptop which has mini dp seems to work :slight_smile:

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But I think in general it seems that pimax does not like thunderbolt 3 .
Maybe something that the team need to have a look on ? Technical it support do 1.4

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Would need to check but believe the msi Laptops pimax used for demo during the kickstarter had thunderbolt 3 port. But not the usb-c flavor though.


We have tested usb-c to dp 1.4 and it is not support so far,sorry about this.


But this one is thunderbolt 3 so should not be an issue ? Do you expect to fix it through drivers or something ?

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Would you please try a usb-c to dp 1.4,not thunderbolt 3?

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Today i’ve tried the following adapter

On the USB-C Port (VirtualLink) of my RTX 2080 Ti this worked fine with the 5k+ and I could drive it up to 90Hz + large FOV without issues.

On my surface book 2 (usb-c port of the base with dedicated nvidia gfx) I could NOT get it to work :frowning: it showed some weird behaviour though:

  • PiTool starts with code 10900
  • The HMD shows desktop extension (like a 2nd monitor)
  • After a short while it goes black again and PiTool shows error 10600
  • Pimax LED stays green but displays no Logo
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Hi if I have read these specs right the Surface Book 2 you have is the i7 with GTX 1050 2gigs or is it then1060 6gig?

As this is a surface book you might not be able to run your pimax headset if has the 1050 2gig. If your Suface Book supports try running Nvidia bios Firmware update to ensure DP 1.3/1.4 is enabled.

I don’t know if the Usb-c on them would be like the 2080 virtual link in the same idea. @SweViver might have some ideas.

Try the Nvidia Firmware update.

10600 Display not Detected
10900 Does not support Extended mode

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Hi Heliosurge, thx for your reply…

Actually I just wanted to quickly check my adapter with the Pimax as i ran over this thread and saw Doman.Chen asking to try out a non-thunderbolt adapter :wink:

I’ve got the 13" one with i7 and 1050/2g which is just enough to “barely” run the odyssey+ on the go :slight_smile:
No point in running a pimax with it :innocent:

Anyway I’ve checked the mentioned nvidia DP FW update but its not working for notebooks (makes sense as the ports are designed by the Notebook vendor in the end)

I cant find reliable information which DP Version microsoft’s usb-c connector supports in the end but i can run my Ultrawide 3440x1440 monitor at 120Hz without any issues with the mentioned adapter.


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Awesome Rothman.

Your welcome glad to be of assistance. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Which headset did you receive?