Best unified headphones headset to use with the pimax 5k plus? Still the vive strap?

I’ve seen a few threads and videos out there showing that the htc vive deluxe audio strap ($99) can be used with the pimax 5k plus pretty easily, using hook and loop velcro (or a 3d printed adapter i think, somewhere).

Is this still the best all in one, ready to go solution (vs using bluetooth headphones that have to be added to the mix on the fly). I like the nature of it being ready to go and attached, but dislike spending another $100 just to get audio (for the htc audio).

Has anything new popped up in the meantime?
Thanks in advance


It’s not just audio. You’ll probably find it a lot more comfortable.

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Yea I havnt heard anyone getting the DAS for an audio solution, most seem to be purchasing it for the better comfort. I have the Vive DAS, 3D printed adapters and strap “set-up”. Now I was wanting to get a set of Sennheiser HD600 headphones but Ill wait to see if the Kickstarter goal headstrap will allow for an aftermarket phones like Sennheiser. For now the Vive DAS is not a bad phone.

I recently got a (frikkin expensive) DAS and the audio is fine but the comfort of the headstrap with the ease of use of the audio phones is what makes the purchase justified I think.

Still too expensive for the upgrade though.

Did you just use velcro hook and loop or did you buy 3d printed materials?

I have HD650’s but no way to get my amp to power them at the headset, plus no noise cancellation, so I use something else for VR.

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The lack of decent headstrap and headphones are all that’s holding Pimax back from being the ultimate HMD right now… I really hope they can get that out before being swallowed up by Valve Index and other HMD’s soon to be released.

3D prints ofcourse. This is the future after all.

Neighbour has an expensive printer at work and is always eager to help out with usable items for me

I use my Sennheiser PXC550. Either on BT or via the cable.
The sound quality is far superior to any “gaming” headset, Noise canceling adds to the immersion (by hiding my ridiculously loud GPU fans)
Mic is better than most separate booms.
They are also very comfortable for very long periods of time.

They are not cheap, but well worth the money.

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I guess what i’m getting at, is, (is it this one) does the 3d print, from say ( make that much of a difference over just some velcro hook and loop (and adjustable for switching users on the fly)?

On that site i see one listed for the pimax 8k but not the 5k plus?

For now i have hook and loop velcro coming.

The DAS is designed for quick adjusting with a turnable knob at the back. I am the only VR enthusiast in my direct area so I don’t need to switch so I can’t tell much about that ease of use vs velcro fumbling.

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