Best possible gaming PC for high-end VR and Pimax 8KX?

Hey all!

Ive already asked Helio to create a new category about “PC hardware” in this forum. I think it would be nice to be able to discuss all PC hardware (GPU, CPU, memory, rigs, laptops etc) in one place and once specific category.

Meanwhile, Im currently planning for my next high-end PC rig, and I think it would be interesting to discuss with you all, what you think would the best PC hardware for a high-end VR rig, especially the CPU, GPU, mobo etc.

Of course, by saying “best PC hardware for VR”, I dont mean a general purpose Beat Saber rig. Im talking about the best thing money can give you today. Hardware that can squeeze out the highest amount of frames per second in FS2020 (once it goes VR), DCS World, MoH: Above and Beyond, Lone Echo 2 and so on.

As you know, we are currently stepping into a new generation when it comes to GPUs and CPUs. And it all makes me quite confused :slight_smile: Even more after watching countless of YouTube videos and leaks. My main questions are:

  • The RTX 3090 is already here of course (not at my doorstep yet though, Im still waiting), but what about the upcoming AMD RDNA2 - can it give the 3090 a fight?
  • What do you think about the AMD 5900x and 5950x CPUs coming this fall? What are your predictions?
  • Is Intel gonna catch up AMD with Rocket Lake CPUs next spring?
  • Is it worth going from Intel 9900K to AMD 5950X or 5900X?
  • And if so, is a $600 mobo really a must-have to get the best performance out of AMD?
  • 5900X or 5950X - does 0.1Ghz really matter when it comes to single core performance?
  • Overclocking Ryzen 9? Will it even be possible?
  • And maybe most importantly, is the AMD hype really just overhype (like many times before)?

So many questions, and Im sure we wont get clear answers until 3rd party benchmarks are out in November. But what do YOU think? :slight_smile:

Im considering a rig like this:

  • MSI RTX 3090 Trio (already ordered)
  • AMD 5950X (or 5900X if enough)
  • ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero mobo (or the previous VIII Hero with fans)
  • Some crazy fast nvme 2 ssd
  • Keep my current 32Gb (2x16Gb) Corsair LPX 4000Hz sticks (if they are AMD supported)
  • Keep my current 1000w EVGA Supernova G2

Any thoughts? What is YOUR suggestion for the best possible VR gaming rig?



Hi Marcin

In short.
Keep your rig with the 9900K, upgrade with RTX 3090 you already ordered.
OC CPU if needed :grin:



Silicon Lottery i9-10900k(F) CPU OR The New AMD CPU
RTX 3090 GPU (Make sure to pick a pre-binned card).

Sometimes the benchmarks show subtle differences between motherboard performance that can impact DCS World framerate/latency.


I am currently working on, and looking for customers to buy, a welded pressurized helium chassis, with a coolant loop that can be switched from water to gas to LN2 for flight ops, with the LN2 trickle-replinished by cryocooler. You should really thinking about that, my timeline is the next 1.5 months if I can raise the capital.

This would be a laptop-sized device, relatively lightweight.


Ive been on that path for a long time, but when it comes to simulation such as FS2020 and DCS, its all about single core performance.

Now the 9900K already falls behind 10900K quite a lot, and the upcoming 5900X seems to crush the 10900 in both single and multi core by nearly 15-20%. Of course its not official benchmarks yet. But still very promising…

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Indeed. And this problem will not completely go away, as basic program scripting will depend on this for the foreseeable future. Hence, I think the time for routine cryogenic cooling is now.

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Remember though, we get faster DCS World performance with HyperThreading off on Intel platforms. No telling how things play out between DCS World and AMD this generation until benchmarks.

I would wait for those benchmarks before upgrading.


Sure. But gaining even 10% by upgrading the CPU is quite a lot of frames per second. And I have no doubt it will be 10% or more, especially going from 9900K to 5900X.

The 19% increased IPC in AMD Ryzen 9 seems very promising. As well as the increased cache. Its all a pre-order hype, I know, but this is the first time I believe the AMD hype might be true.


If AMD does not beat Intel outright this generation, they will the next.

But an Intel i9-10900k vs AMD 5900X, if only 3% apart, could be the difference between some of my DCS World workloads failing. My margins are that thin, and if you are as concerned as I am about the best possible result, you should wait for benchmarks.

Cryogenic cooling could give us ~50% increase, when the cost per flight hour is acceptable for the LN2 use. A whole 50% CPU single thread increase could get us away from smart smoothing in many cases!


Ok then what sort of consumer cost, and for what? Like is it just a gfx card enclosure? Or a whole PC?

What sort of cost? $500? $5000? $15000?

Sure your plan sounds amazing but it’s not much use to most people if it would add another 5X the cost of the gfx card.

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Kind of hard to spend more than $3k on a useful VR/gaming machine. Top single-core CPU, top single-GPU, that’s about all we can do.

Hence, I really want to go the cryogenic route with automatic switch over to LN2, and the rest of the system brought to nearly the same temperature with pressurized helium.

Nah, below $4000 i would say.
I dont think you gain much fps performance beyond that price anyway. Best GPU is still 3090 ($2000) and best (single core) CPU is no more than $800 anyway.


Sounds amazing. What sort of cost?

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Yeah I’m trying to understand the cryo idea cost if mirage gets his funding.

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Wow really? But what about 9900 vs 10900 and the fact that 10900 has higher boost per core?

Sounds crazy, but it also sounds waay too complicated for me haha. Im the guy who runs the gaming rig 24/7. Maybe im getting too old for that fiddeling :slight_smile:


Cryogenic cooling? Maybe $1.5k extra, for the cryocooler, window HVAC unit, and some basic aluminum plate to weld.

The real cost will be in the energy consumption to make the LN2. About $1-$2 per flight hour, so you would be using this for multiplayer, not single player.


Honestly if you’re the sort to drop ~4K on a PC for the best experience I imagine you’ll also be happy to drop $1-$2 per hour for it regardless of single player.

That’s not as expensive as I thought it would be. You may get some customers I guess.


Yes, really, and yes, it’s still unknown until benchmarks. AMD has a history of some very weird stuff in single-core performance and DCS World.

@SweViver This is a system practically designed for you. Push a button, the machine suspends, purges the water, dumps in LN2, resumes, and increases all clocks 50%. When you run out of LN2, or flip the switch back, everything resumes normal water cooling. Easy, easy. And in laptop sized so you can stop carrying around those heavy weight copper heatsink machines I have seen you despise. :wink:

If I am right, the magic is sealing it up like a modern helium HDD, so the whole system can be brought down to cryogenic temperature. No moisture, no frost, tolerable thermal stress.

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I’m running a 9700K and a 3090 FE and I’m very happy with the results. If i upgraded my cpu I could squeak out some more frames sure, but is the cost/performance ratio worth it? I don’t play the flight sims you do, but I know they are super taxing. I guess it all comes down to is it worth spending a bunch of money to play a handful of games well, because you can already play everything else perfectly.


I agree. Im just not capable of building that rig :slight_smile: I would need some serious help to make that build


I totally agree with you. If it wasn’t for simulators, I wouldn’t even care to upgrade last time from 8700 to 9900k. For most VR games its all about the GPU.

Btw hows your FE overclocking? Max boost clocks? Im getting the MSI trio and im getting worried about the poor 102% power limit…

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