Best method to watch 3D Blu-ray discs?

I bought a 3D Blu-ray move, Avatar. Are there any VR players that can play directly from disc? Otherwise, I need to rip it to my SSD using MakeMKV and play it back with Simple VR, right? Is there anything I should be aware of?

Also, I just have a “plain vanilla” Blu-ray player/burner in my PC. Will it still play 3D Blu-ray discs?

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I haven’t watched blu-ray discs for a few years now - but a simple google search shows a few VR Blu-Ray players that are available. Like PowerDVD 17, i did read some posts back from 2017 saying due to copyright there were not available for VR implementation, but according to PowerDVD youtube video it can be done now: PowerDVD 17 - Ultra HD Blu-ray, 4K and VR-360 Media Player - YouTube

in regards to your player, there should not be an issue as the device merely decodes the format, and the player then displays it… you just need a VR DVD Player.



@noro might know. There was a program called makemkv that could decode & stream to something like vlc so might be able to stream to a vr player maybe.

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I also like that powerdvd can stream your sound 1:1 via optical cable. It can play VR movies and blurays (need a decent rig though, very costy on performance) so I suppose I can do both as well.
Have no bluray player but played blu ray images.
Unfortunately zoom is disabled on vr and bluray so u need to stick to the theatre they provide.


So I was somewhat successful.

Unfortunately, my ripped video not displayed (in Simple VR Video Player) in 3D (even though it’s ripped from a 3D Blu-ray disc that I purchased) and it won’t use the default sound track. I can pick from French, Spanish, or Italian, but not English. :laughing: When I play the ripped video using VLC it’s in English and I was expecting to see it as 3D side-by-side, but it’s just flat video.

Any ideas?

[ update ] I found some “hidden” MakeMKV settings, which I hope will do what I want.

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It appears that MakeMKV cannot make side-by-side 3D videos.

I’m now using a free trial of Pavtube ByteCopy which can, but includes watermark logo on every frame. It’s only $42, so I’ll buy a copy of the app, assuming the results are good and Simple VR Video Player can display the results. I’ve chosen the highest “full frame” recording mode, so each “double” frame is 3840x1080 px and the video itself is 41 GB.

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I don’t know about ripping. But Binoplayer i think had a vr version coming out. Many 3d options for 3d formats & playing 2d as 3d.

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Personally, I’d rather just play the Blu-ray disk, instead of ripping, but I haven’t found a reasonably priced app to do that (in VR).

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The problem I beleive is in the drm crap with hdcp compliant devices & players.

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Right, the intention is to lock-out any device which displays non-copy-protected video, yet the media companies don’t support any VR apps. I bought my video disc; I should be able to watch it, dammit!

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Well problem i believe is headsets might need to pay to license hdcp as each componet needs to pass hdcp code to be compliant.

Pavtube ByteCopy worked well and it’s only $42 and has a free demo mode. You need to dig into the options, to enable the 3D capture (tutorial link below). Simple VR Video Player was able to play the resulting 3840x1080 double-wide side-by-side video quite well. Aside from the 8K’s SDE, this was like having your own movie theatre.

Recommended, if you need to rip 3D Blu-ray discs. :+1:

(Skip halfway down the article, to the Pavtube 3D Blu-ray Ripper section)

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