Best image when tilt headshet plane to my eyes

Hi, I get a good image overall but it is a little blurry at the botton. If a tilt or incline a little bit the headshet plane wit my hands out from my nose (but NOT from my forehead as still in contact) I get a much better quality image (I get the same image quality at the center but MUCH better at the periphery). It is like the screen plane to my eyes its not perfect for me. Was thinking to add more foam close to my nose to incline the plane or Can I get this with a especial lens???.

Thanks regards


Sorry for the late reply because of Chinese Spring Festival, have you adjusted IPD (Interpupillary Distance) in PiPlay setting? Could you please provide your the serial number of the helmet ? In addition, may I ask that are you farsighted (hyperopia) ? Thank you:slight_smile:!

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