Best high quality vr videos and experiences you’ve experienced in the pimax?

Any recommended really high quality 180/360 3D vr videos? Like 5k or higher resolution

Also, what games have truly benefited from pimax’s sharper screens and look amazing to you now? Mine has been lone echo and the lab (in that underground river photogrammetry section) so far


In the Free Content Directory there is a vid player of Hi res videos.

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The “Destinations” in the SteamVR itself.

Lots of photogrammetry scenarios for you to drool.

Also, you could try GoogleVR, it´s google´s street view in VR GOD MODE.


Yo helio why can’t I click on my own icon is this a glitch…? I got notifications but I can’t even access them because of this


Are you on iphone? As some are reporting mobile issues.

On my lg g6 the topic title obscures the standard header. But if i swipe up a bit I can click on tge standard Banner with my pic for notifications & such.

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it somehow got fixed now lol. Both laptop on phone weren’t working

Yes the new layout introduces annoying issues at least on iphone. The menus somehow overlap. I can workaround by changing to a topic but it’s frustrating to use the forum like that.


Same with Android + Firefox, menus overlapping, can’t click the profile pic.
Edit. just noticed once you go to the post itself, it works.

Try swiping left & right (categories & notifications)

Up & down for topic title & profile

My android working well after discovering how the changes work. Lg g6

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Call me a man of simple pleasures and totally missing the topic, but watching HD fireworks in Virtual Desktop is good enough for me for a start :smile: