Best GPU for Pimax 8K VR?

I’m currently running a GTX 970 TI and will probably have to upgrade for my Pimax 8K…
I have a €600 budget which means no 1080 TI.
So I can go for the 1070, 1070TI or 1080.

I don’t know if this one will cut it for the Pimax when trying to run games on high / ultra settings?

Currently more expensive than the 1080 here in the Netherlands… Only exception is the inno3d twin x2 for €479 rest is €539+ while the 1080’s start at €549 while the 1080’s are overclocked and come with a free destiny 2 copy.

Pretty decent but no idea which manufacturer to go with! These are the ones I can choose from:

MSI comes with a VR Button which disables Zero Frozr and goes for the highest OC and has VR and Overclock software so that’s a nice bonus?

Anything else I need to look out for?
Wait untill I can afford the 1080TI? ( €850?! )

Save and get the 1080ti. Its a huge jump in VR performance


Which one is best for VR though?!

Imho: Don’t buy now (unless you also need it for something else) and wait until the 8k is finally released (or even a month or two later if a new generation is already anounced at that point). Then buy the fastest your budget allows (either new gen or perhaps also used/new old gen if that is faster).


1080ti is the only choice, unfortunately

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I consider waiting for Volta. What do you think that would be meanwhile sufficient card just for movies watching plus playing of less demanding games on low settings?

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You mean watching movies in the 8k? (For monitor based movie watching any card from the last generations would do - probably the one you have).
Before buying anything new as intermediate solution I would wait until you get the 8k and see whether your current card isn’t okish enough when using subsampling (less than 2x1440p) for the timebeing. Otherwise you can ask people in the forum then (when people can really test themselves) and buy the cheapest somebody confirmed you the stuff you are interested in works with. Should be at your place within a few days.

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the 1080’s can start at 480

Yes, I mean watching movies in 8K. As I play games on PS4 and have PC only for basic tasks like web browsing etc., I have no gaming card. Still I would like at least to watch movies with Pimax until Volta is out so I will need to do some inquiry in the forum as you recommend.

Save and wait for Volta.

I don’t think spending that much money on a card that will be outdated in a matter of months is worth it.


I thought I would buy some used card as intermediate solution and then sell it so loss would be small. It will be hard having Pimax at home possibly for months while waiting for Volta without being able to watch at least movies with it.

I think you will be able to watch movies with your 970TI, though you might need a lower refresh-rate.


It was other user with 970TI, I have currently only GT730 for web browsing. :slight_smile:

No other choice than 1080Ti (OC) or waiting for VOLTA :unamused:

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Found some 1080’s pretty cheap at so I will go for one of those :slight_smile:
Anyone has experience with the inno3d versions?

Not expecting the Volta before March, which will suck if my Pimax gets delivered in January…

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I will wait for Volta for gaming purposes. But meanwhile I would like just to watch movies with Pimax. 1080Ti seems to me like overkill for that.

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1080Ti obviously, if you can afford it. I’ll just be rolling with my GTX 1070 until I feel the upgrade is needed. Hopefully next-gen GPUs are out by then and we see some price drops for the 1000 series.

In any case, VOLTA will be much more expensive than a 1080Ti, so…

I dont know why everyone here is so misled. We are talking the 8K here right? not the 8k X ?

In that case any card that can run VR very well now, can run VR in the 8K. 1080, 1070 will work in your desktop.

If you dont know why this is true, I encourage you to reread all about the 8k and how it works.
(The Headset will take what the GPU sends… even 1080p and then upscales it) so as far as the GPU is concerned it might as well be sending the data to the vive or rift. The magic that upscales is in the headset hardware and has nothing to do with your GPU. You can send higher res signals to the headset, they stated 1440p but that is not a requirement. Your game can run at 1080p as well, just as it does now with other headsets. You still get the upscaling and better pixel density with no additional GPU power needed.


hey dutch man.

I would wait till you get the pimax 8k.
Then i would try with your 970 gtx ti.
Try all the games you would like to play and then decide.

But DO NOT BUY 3D CARD NOW…wait till you have pimax 8k and test it.
Then you can buy, if you are lucky 3D cards price has dropped by january.

And if you can wait even longer maybe news of volta is coming in march/may
But dont throw 850€ out of the window if 5 month later maybe the first high end volta is going to be 30% faster then your 1080 gtx ti at a lower price +/- 600€

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