Best controllers with replaceable batteries

I’ve had my Knuckle Controllers for just about 3yrs now and the batteries are shot. I have 2 Anker rechargeable batteries that I velcro to the controllers so I can use them. I will not spend another $270 for Steam Controllers, unless thats my last resort. I’ve looked at the Etee controllers that I like but once again NOT a replaceable battery and there more expensive than the Knuckles.

Anyways, anyone had a good experience with controllers that have replaceable batteries or am I trying to swim upstream?



I recently saw some guides to replacing the batteries yourself. Might be a way to go? As far as I can tell there are no other truly good controllers out there (yet.)

Here is a guide @SneakyJoe made on replacing index batteries.

Pimax Sword are not bad but do have some design issues and of course still have not enabled Sense.

They are a nice vive wand redesign.

I have both Index and sword and use both.

Etee Controllers actually have 2 batteries. One in the main controller and one in the SteamVR tracker.

Is it 2025 that EU has mandated devices with batteries need to be consumer replaceable? A lot of new revisions redesigns will be needed.

I’m still in the decision faze. I did try to replace my knuckle batteries and messed up when pulling the battery connection apart. After looking at the video again I needed to use a blow dryer to soften the adhesive. Expensive mistake on my part but live and learn. I guess I should just order 2 more Knuckle controllers since I have 4 replacement batteries just sitting here now heh.

I almost pulled the trigger with the Swords but I’ve seen to many bad reviews with the touch pad. Since I like to play HLA and Saints and Sinners I need movement to be good. Who would of thought that making controllers with replaceable batteries is a bad idea, why isn’t anybody doing this.

I contacted Etee and he response I got was “We will replace your batteries when they die”. Just don’t trust that reply.

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Sword are not bad. I have used mine on HL;Alyx. However quality unfortunately can vary from one unit to another. Like th trigger sensitivity. One user his was completely unusable as unless th Controller was upsidedown; the trigger was partly activated

Pimax was made well aware of the trigger issue during the beta and did not fix it. Not even a simple adjust sensitivity/deadzone like many controllers have.

Pimax chose an easy to source battery vs the nonsense proprietary Crystal battery. However the hot swap not very thought out.

The battery 5 controller could have been more gun like with an ejectable ammo clip like design. Instead of having to take things off to swap the batteries.

The magnetic cover is cool but they didn’t add a pull tab to dislodge th battery so not all that easy to swap. Then it course the price having the finger sense sensors present but not enabled.(This non enabled feature might also end up dead in the Crystal Controllers)

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