Bendy and the Ink machine VR - PCVR Mod from Team Beef

Bendy and the Ink machine VR - PCVR Mod from Team Beef

I bought this game as soon as VR mod was released. It is an excellent job, almost perfect since 1st release.

You probably heard of those guys, the “Team Beef”, a very very busy oculus quest vr modders (link: ).
This mod is uploaded by their team member BaggyG . Beside him, in the team are also Dr. Beef, and Bummser.

Game: Bendy and the Ink Machine on Steam

PCVR mod: GitHub - baggyg/BendyVR: PCVR Mod for Bendy and the Ink Machine

I like this quote from their Patreon: “This is Team Beef’s very first (of hopefully many) PCVR mods.”

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

PS: some small issues were with index controllers in menu (that is already solved), and “hints” in game are not aligned good with pp=off - but I play it pp=off without problems.
Other than that, it is good to know that Openvr_FSR scaling (77%) is by default added in mod, you can access settings in mod folder.
Just remember to install game and mod at same disk (I have it booth in Steam app folder, one next to other).
A hint from github: “The game will run best if you turn off all the optional effects (Anti-Aliasing / Depth of Field / Bloom / Ambient Occlusion)”

@PimaxQuorra @Pimax-Support
Hi BaggyG here, the creator of BendyVR and member of Team Beef. We’re super busy with this and other mods. We’ve had some feedback from Pimax users that the HUD on BendyVR has some issues. This is quite strange as no other headsets have this problem. The frustrating thing is that we can’t test this ourselves. We’d certainly love to be able to ensure Pimax users can use our mods. FOV in BendyVR must be amazing. Is there any chance of getting a couple of dev kits for the team for testing?


+1 to this! :pray:

Hey @BaggyG

Welcome to OpenMR.

Of sure; would you mind sending me your email address via DM?
I’d be happy to pass the contact to our BD team and request that they follow up on the dev kits.

It would be fantastic if we could have any collaboration in the future!


Hi, more than happy to do so. However, when I click on your account I don’t get the message icon to send you a DM.

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